Monthly archive April, 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 Ready for Download

Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 is another Update by Ubuntu and it is ready for test. As we know, Ubuntu is one of the famous Linux Distribution all around the world and by Ubuntu Official they say 20 million people worldwide using Ubuntu every day. This is enough to prove their popularity and now Read More →

New Updates and Features Of Google+

Google+ is not succeeded as much as it had been expected by the Google and people also, There are many factors which contribute to it and now Google+ has comes with new layouts and navigation and this may give some positive impact on Google+ User’s and engage them as Facebook, Read More →

Facebook, twitter and More are Now BBM Connected

Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v3.0 and Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones v3.0 are now BBM connected apps. When you connect Facebook and Twitter with BBM, you can share your latest status updates and tweets as your BBM Personal Message by simply selecting the “Share with BBM” icon from within the app. Read More →

How to convert the File Format without using any software

Converting a File into different format is our day-to-day need, we use to convert various video formats to make a compatibility with our Phone or sometime we used to convert it to save our Disk Size. Same is in case of the Images; we use to convert the Image to Read More →

How to Create Google Chrome Themes

I have recently posted about the Google Chrome customization of new tab and this is one of the great feature of Google Chrome browser that it allows Customization to make it as per your need. One of the customization includes the Chrome themes and there is a lot of ready-made Read More →

How to Customize the Chrome Tab

Chrome extension library or store are the Base and Key reason of the success of the Google Chrome browser.Google Chrome is Famous and widely used browser and the reason behind this is the vast range of useful chrome extension available for free in Chrome store. Google Chrome store has a Read More →

How to run Linux command in Browser

Linux commands are very similar to Unix one as Linux is a clone of Unix, But if you want to run the Linux commands in Windows or Mac or any other OS Apart from the Linux then you have to either install the Linux in your system or use some Read More →

Dell XPS 14z Specification

Dell XPS 14z Specification

Dell XPS 14z is the amazing, Fully Featured, powerful Laptop By Dell inc and has a little similar feature like Apple MacBook Pro in terms of size weight and specification.The Dell XPS 14z integrates a slightly larger display and a better keyboard as compared to Read More →