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Ubuntu For Android : Features and Requirement

Ubuntu for Android is like a miracle project done by Ubuntu Developers. Ubuntu for Android features a Software which runs on other end of your Android handset but when they connect their phone to a monitor, mouse and keyboard, it becomes a Read More →

How to Access Linux Partition in Windows

<em>If you are using your computer as a Dual boot system running Linux and Windows simultaneously then you may have experienced about this problem. If Linux is Installed on Secondary partition then you might Read More →

Google Chrome And Drive Now Available in iOS

&<em>lt;em>Google Chrome Browser and Google Drive - a cloud based service offer by Google is now available for Apple iOS devices. Google Chrome browser is one of popular and widely used browser in the Read More →

What’s New in Google Android Jelly Bean OS

Google Android Jelly Bean OS is announced by Google in a Google I/O Event. This is Another update in Android OS after the Ice Cream Sandwich. Google Android Jelly Bean OS comes with extremely new look and Built in voice App[ Trying to   beat Siri] Read More →

The Amazing Spider Man for PS3 Released

<em>The Amazing Spider Man for PS3 is Released. This game is also following the Footstep of "The Amazing Spider Man"  Movie. According to IGN, "The Amazing Spider-Man isn't a great game, but it can be a great time". Well this can be realized when we actually play a game. Meanwhile it Read More →

How to Download all images from any Website

The Sharing of images is very easy now a day, people use to upload and share the image to various social media Sites and various cloud storage. You will find so many of images in Google images, and in various image based site. To download the images from Read More →

Some Best Collection of Rainmeter Themes

<em>Rainmeter themes are considered as one of the best theme framework for windows 7. In my last post I have posted about how to install Jarvis theme in windows 7 and aRead More →

How to Generate QR code

How to Generate QR code, QR code or Quick Response Code is an encrypted form of URL or any other data which can only be decoded by QR code decoder. Now there is many App are available for various mobile handset which configured your handset camera to QR code Decoder. Read More →

How to Install Hacker Theme in Windows 7

Hacker theme for windows 7 is now ready and available. Recently I have posted about the customization of Jarvis theme in windows 7 and that post is appreciated by the people and I am thankful to all of them. Now in this post I am going to show you about Read More →

TechBlogHub Giveaway #1 : Blogging Tools

Hello Everyone, Today we are happy to announced our first Giveaway. Yes this Giveaway is for the Blogger who just started their site and want a good theme and SEO tool. As we all know Genesis theme framework is one of the popular WordPress theme collection with availability of large set of Read More →