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Apple Will Give You Up To $345 For Your iPhone 4S

If rumors are true, Apple is days away from announcing the release of it's predecessor to the iPhone 4S. It can hurt the pocket when you shell out the money to buy a new iPhone, but Apple has come up with a solution that might help you out. Apple has offered to Read More →

The Quick And Easy Way To Dual Boot Windows 7 And Windows 8

Do you want to test out the awesome new Windows 8 operating system but don't want to lose everything you have customized on your Windows 7 OS? Windows 8 comes with an installer that give you the option of multi-booting, which is exactly what you want to do. Setting up Read More →

Top 10 Must Have Movie Gadgets

Movies inspire us. With the advancements in technology, it has brought amazing technological toys and gadgets to the silver screen, some that we could not even imagine owning. Movies have brought us the best hacking or gaming computers with quadruple monitors, futuristic toys and even time travel. What would it be like Read More →

Best Looking Windows 8 Themes

With Windows 8 coming out October 26, we thought it would be nice to hook you up with eight Windows 8 themes we thought you might enjoy. We hope you enjoy our windows 8 themes as well as Windows 8 when it comes out. If you find more windows 8 Read More →

Download Windows 8 Trial Edition Now

Microsoft has just released it's final trial version of Windows 8 for download. The final version of Windows 8 is supposed to go on sale later this year on October 26, 2012. The trial is the Enterprise edition which is aimed at developers who are wanting to create apps and Read More →

iPad Mini Looks Like Large iPod Touch

With many reports coming in last week according to 9to5Mac, we have a little bit more knowledge of Apple's upcoming plans on the new iPad Mini. The recurring theme that everyone is ranting about now is how it will "look like a big iPod Touch." Read More →

Five Hidden Features In Mac OSX Mountain Lion

With over 200 features released in the new Mac OSX Mountain Lion, there are some other features that went unnoticed and didn't make it into the documentation. Here are five hidden features in Mac OSX Mountain Lion that might save you some time to increase productivity. Or it could decrease Read More →

Hackers Steal 500,000 Credit Card Numbers From Australian Business

An Eastern European criminal has hacked into an Australian business and stolen more than 500,000 credit card numbers from the company's network. Police have said the network was setup by some local company who didn't understand IT Security so it was a "disaster waiting to happen." The syndicate found it's victims by Read More →

iPhone 5 Release Date Set For Late September

According to sources, Apple is expected to announce the latest version of the iPhone in the third of fourth week in September possibly on the 12th. This would probably put the release date of the new iPhone in the first or second week of October. Other sources say that release date Read More →