Android Operating System is just becomes the Tradition in the Current Software era, Its due to its open source availability and Features that it Provides.Probably All Major Mobile Companies are Making the Android Based Phones. Now here the question comes in my Mind that “can i install android in computer” or “is this possible to run android in computer” without using any emulator and various programming tools. Here i found a simple trick to install android in computer. As i said above android is open source, means you can do various tweaks in that Under the GPL license and Release it to public. So here is some Geeks of android who tweak it and made it for the Computer, Yes an Android OS for computer. You can download it and use it for free. So Before going to install android in computer, i want to say that there is two ways to do it.

  • Burn it on USB and Boot it in Computer.
  • Use Virtual Machine to Run it within the PC.
So for Demonstration Purpose i am using the second method. In this tutorial i am using the Vmware 8 As my virtual machine software, You can use other too as the task of all the Virtual machine software is same. So First of all download the Android Package from the Link Given below (i Hope you have the Vmware, if not then Google it.):
Now once downloaded you will get the ISO file in your computer. Now Open the VmWare 8 and Create a new Virtual machine and select Typical.
new virtual machine
Now click on Next and select the installer disk image.
select installer image
Now browse your ISO image and let it to select the proper distribution of Linux. It would be FreeBSD.
detect the machine
Now click on next and Name your Virtual machine. I wrote Android. Its on You.
Name your Machine
Click on Next and In next window keep the setting as it is.
final setting window
Now click on Next and in next window it will Give you summary of your settings. Just click on Finish and remove your hand from Keyboard. Once it is booted. Then You have to select the Boot Option. Just Hit enter without caring anything.
boot the android
Now Just wait and let the android to boot. Once it is booted you will see the Awesome flashy boot screen of  android that i really love.
boot window of android
So once your android is booted you will see the Android screen in your computer same as in Your phone.
android screen in my computer
So enjoy it and use ESC key to go back and Mouse to Navigate in your android. That’s all you installed android in computer.
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