Your Guide to The Best eCommerce Focused WordPress Themes

With the unlimited options available, selecting the best eCommerce focused WordPress theme for your online store can be quite an uphill task. You must select a theme that perfectly fits and blends with the features and contents of your online store, blog and products. The best eCommerce WordPress Read More →

E-Cigarettes and Customer Complaints

E-Cigarettes are a great new way of smoking without incurring the wrath of the public or many of the side-effects associated with tobacco smoke. E-cigarettes deliver a fast nicotine fix at a low price and they are exceedingly easy to use, especially the more recent models. There have Read More →

TechBlogHub Giveaway #1 : Blogging Tools

Hello Everyone, Today we are happy to announced our first Giveaway. Yes this Giveaway is for the Blogger who just started their site and want a good theme and SEO tool. As we all know Genesis theme framework is one of the popular WordPress theme collection with availability of large set of Read More →

5 Most Beneficial Android Apps for Writers

The old image of the writer standing bent over his or her desk, in front of the typing machine, is nothing but a thing of the past. A writer’s life has become much easier ever since the advent of technology, the invention of the personal computer, not to mention the Read More →

How to Create Google custom search Engine

Google custom search provides the custom search ability for your site in a similar way Google official search gives. By using Google custom search enginecustom search you can increase the responsiveness and engage your user for more time and yes Read More →

Five Useful Extension for the Blogger

One of the reason behind the popularity of Google Chrome Browser is that their Plugins store or Chrome App store where you will find almost the plugins for all types of fields. Education, health, Finance, Technology Games and many more.Here i have found some useful extension for the Blogger community Read More →

How to add media content in Post

Wordpress offers's you to add the various media content in the post like video's, audio's, images and various type of files like .exe and .zip etc. Here i am  going to describe you the steps to add various media content in your post and how to manage them as well.

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When you Need Partner in Blogging Career

When you Need Partner in Blogging Career..!! A general question that comes in blogger's mind when they Exhaust with loads of work. The need of partner is not arrive in the beginning because we just have to add post and post to blog but as you move ahead then your responsibility increases. Read More →