Play Videos on Chromecast with AirCast Beta

AirCast Beta is a new program that works with Chromecast.  The app lets tech users stream media content from an Android device to a Chromecast-enabled TV.  It’s a straightforward program, with minimal hoops and no rooting required.  AirCast is the brainchild of app developer Koushik Dutta.  His program Read More →

Relationship-Enhancing Apps for Couples and Singles

The app-crazed generation is turning to smartphone apps to spice up their relationships.  It aims to address the hassles of long distance relationships but they also work just as well with couples who don’t face such a challenge. There are also apps for asking someone out on a date.  Here Read More →

How to Upload Your Photo Sphere Images to Google’s View Website

Google has fired up a new website dedicated for photo spheres. Looking back in Google’s recent imaging release, the search engine giant launched a camera option called Photo Sphere in Android 4.2 last year in October. Photo Sphere allows photo-enthusiasts to capture images with a 360° view. It’s Read More →

Android 4.3 Adds Parental Control Settings

Android’s new version has been made official and will be launched along the unveiling of the new Nexus device. Android phones and tablets will have significant changes with the Jellybean 4.3.  It’s best new feature is the multi-user restricted profile accounts which tech consumers will surely welcome.  Jellybean Read More →

Android Phones to Get FingerQ Fingerprint Sensors

Security in smartphones is very much in demand nowadays as thieves are always in the lookout for hot items to steal and sell like smartphones. Even though there are already built-in security measures in smartphones like password and patterns to unlock the phone, adding another layer of protection Read More →

Fun Phone Cam Apps

The art of photography has a come a long way.  Never had been so many shots taken in the history of photography since the invention of the daguerreotype machine.  Photos take up most of the PC’s storage and they’re the most shared information in social network hubs.  Part Read More →

First Mobile Phone for the Blind by Odin Mobile

For those who are having problems with their eyesight will find Odin Mobile their new best friend. This new mobile brand that was launched on Wednesday aims to provide their customers with eyesight problems the power of mobile technology that is customized to suit their needs.

There Read More →

Running Google Glass on Android Device

It is not a surprise to find a lot of people becoming quite curious as to what Google Glass can do but since not everyone has the capability to purchase this new device, there is still a way for them to learn more on how it can be Read More →

The Best Multi-Player Game Apps for Families

Games have come a long way with apps in terms of being wholesome and child safety.  Nowadays children’s ratings are considered an important factor when developing a program.  This is favorable for vigilant parents who do not wish to limit technological advances in their homes.  The latest games are best Read More →