Top apps for better presentations with your iOS devices

Do you regularly organize your presentations on your iPhone or iPad? Do you work with modern projection systems? Here is a look at some apps that will help you create more compelling presentations. Most of these apps work well with even the most powerful projection systems as offered by companies Read More →

Happy 30th Birthday Macintosh

The Macintosh personal computers were a breakthrough in the field of technology. They were launched by Apple Inc. on 24th January 1984. Since then, the world of computers has transformed literally. After Macintosh or Mac computers were released, George Orwell, a famous novel writer stated that the year 1984 would Read More →

Apple’s leaked memo announces “Big Plan” for 2014: iWatch and iPhone 6

An uber cool iPhone 6 and a chic iWatch could well jump out of the Apple headquarters soon as an internal memo from Apple CEO, Tim Cook, indicates ‘Big Plans’ ahead for Apple in the year 2014.

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Relationship-Enhancing Apps for Couples and Singles

The app-crazed generation is turning to smartphone apps to spice up their relationships.  It aims to address the hassles of long distance relationships but they also work just as well with couples who don’t face such a challenge. There are also apps for asking someone out on a date.  Here Read More →

iPhone Blamed for Chinese Woman’s Death

Can one really be electrocuted by a gadget?  Tech users are asking this question when a woman allegedly died after being electrocuted by her iPhone. 23-year-old Chinese citizen Ma Ailun was killed via electric shock last week and investigators point to an iPhone 4 she was using in Read More →

iOS 7 Beta 2 with Bug Fixes has Arrived with iPad Version Available

The second beta for iOS 7 has been released by Apple on Monday just two weeks after the first beta was released to developers. The recent version was said to contain fixes for the bugs found on the first version including “improvements” that have yet to be documented.

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iOS 7 Brings New and Improved Siri

Apple is unleashing a series of improvements in the new iOS to be packed in the upcoming iPhone 5S. Aside from design, the new phone is boasting of new features exclusive only to Apple products and this time safeguarded with trademarks and patents.  Apple introduces iTunes Radio in Read More →

Apple’s Newest MacBook Air Boasts Longer Battery Life

The next generation of Macbook Air units will be running much longer than its predecessors, Apple announced.  Brandishing a new Intel power-saving chip, the next Macbook models can get a power boost. The refreshing new wave of Mac PCs is also promised to perform better aside from being Read More →

Apple Reveals New iPod Touch

The iPod Touch has had a face lift for its 5th generation model. The screen now boasts of a 4-inch screen which is half an inch bigger than its predecessor. The new iPod has had several revisions, namely the latest A5 core processor, aside from the 4-inch widescreen Read More →

World’s First: Gold-plated iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is the best thing that has ever happened after, er, iPhone 4S. If the finely crafted iPhone 5 does not satisfy your taste, how about upgrading it the gold-plated way. Gold & Co. in London understands the need for fashionistas to be hard-core awesome. Committed for Read More →