iPhone Blamed for Chinese Woman’s Death

Can one really be electrocuted by a gadget?  Tech users are asking this question when a woman allegedly died after being electrocuted by her iPhone. 23-year-old Chinese citizen Ma Ailun was killed via electric shock last week and investigators point to an iPhone 4 she was using in Read More →

World’s First: Gold-plated iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is the best thing that has ever happened after, er, iPhone 4S. If the finely crafted iPhone 5 does not satisfy your taste, how about upgrading it the gold-plated way. Gold & Co. in London understands the need for fashionistas to be hard-core awesome. Committed for Read More →

Prankster Drops Boxes Of iPhones In Front Of Apple Fans

There is nothing more cringing than the sound of Gorilla Glass being crushed and broken into hundreds of pieces right before you are about to step into the Apple store to buy your new iPhone. While Apple fans were camping out in line to get their new phone, the guys Read More →

New Images of Apple iPhone 5 Leaked

We are here to bring you the best and most up to date news on Apple and iPhone related rumors and release news. Today, Apple has announced their release date as everyone already knew for September 12th. We were in the process of writing this article, so here it is Read More →

AntiSec: FBI Has Been Tracking iPhone Users

The AntiSec group claims to have over 12 million Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs) as well as usernames, cell phone numbers and other personal information that they have obtained from a breach of an FBI Agents laptop. They have released over 1 million of those to the public Read More →

Apple Will Give You Up To $345 For Your iPhone 4S

If rumors are true, Apple is days away from announcing the release of it's predecessor to the iPhone 4S. It can hurt the pocket when you shell out the money to buy a new iPhone, but Apple has come up with a solution that might help you out. Apple has offered to Read More →

iPhone 5 Release Date Set For Late September

According to sources, Apple is expected to announce the latest version of the iPhone in the third of fourth week in September possibly on the 12th. This would probably put the release date of the new iPhone in the first or second week of October. Other sources say that release date Read More →