The Samsung SB971 Monitor

Samsung has added a professional grade unit to its Series 9 monitors, the SB971 model. The South Korean electronics giant designed the Series 9 SB971 monitor to bring a richer viewing experience for photographers, gamers and graphics artists.  Senior vice president of marketing for IT products from Samsung Read More →

Relationship-Enhancing Apps for Couples and Singles

The app-crazed generation is turning to smartphone apps to spice up their relationships.  It aims to address the hassles of long distance relationships but they also work just as well with couples who don’t face such a challenge. There are also apps for asking someone out on a date.  Here Read More →

Chromebooks to Appear in More Retail Stores

Google has recently launched laptops with built-in Chromebooks to entice users to try the powers of cloud computing. So far, they failed to make any impact in the market which is why Google is expanding its availability by teaming up with several well-known retail outlets. According to the Read More →

Galaxy Tab 2 Specifications

In Previous post i have give specification about samsung galaxy 8.9 which is available in market but with too much price and some little disadvantage if you missed that article you can read that here: Read:Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Price and Specification but now Samsung announced its recent update to its tablet Read More →

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Price and Specification

Samsung corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones and tablet PC's Specially they are very much capable in android enabled devices. Samsung Galaxy Tab and mobile are the example of that. Samsung Galaxy tab is one of the popular tablets in market after iPad and Samsung tries to beat Read More →