Relationship-Enhancing Apps for Couples and Singles

The app-crazed generation is turning to smartphone apps to spice up their relationships.  It aims to address the hassles of long distance relationships but they also work just as well with couples who don’t face such a challenge. There are also apps for asking someone out on a date.  Here Read More →

What Awaits You with Sony Waterproof Xperia ZR Phone

Sony has taken smartphones to a whole new level with its new Waterproof Xperia ZR phone. Revealed last Monday, the Xperia ZR is designed to withstand being soaked in water up to five feet for 30 minutes without getting damaged. What’s more, you can take underwater photos just like a Read More →

Sony Xperia Z: Now Open for Pre-order

Sony will not be left behind in the smartphone race as it releases the new Xperia Z. It’s a fully functional Android-operated gadget that promises superb graphics display.  It also boasts to be the most durable smartphone in the market being able to stay submerged in water for Read More →

Is the Sony Reader PRS-T2 a Failure?

The Sony reader PRS-T2 is the latest offering from the electronics giant in the booming reader market. Its weight and dimensions are similar to other reader products such as the Kindle and the Nook. It weighs 5.9 ounces, and measures 6.9 by 4.4 inches, and is 0.4 inches Read More →

Sony Experia Neo L – The First Android 4.0 Phone By Sony

Sony Experia Neo L - the First Android 4.0 smartphone By Sony. As All the Major Android Phone Manufacturers already integrates the Android 4.0 in their products and now Sony is also in the list. Tuesday Sony Mobile Communications Announced the launch of Sony first Android 4.0 smartphone Sony Xperia neo L in China.This Read More →