Top Apps for Sherlock Holmes Wannabes

The most popular mystery-solving game on PC was “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” played on floppy disks back in the primordial days of 486 computers. Nowadays, puzzle games are simply more exciting and certainly have gone high-tech in the advent of smartphone apps. Here are some Read More →

Microsoft Stands by Xbox One’s $499 Price

Although Microsoft has already made changes with its policy regarding restrictions in game sharing in their Xbox One, gamers shouldn’t hold their breath that the company will be revisiting features of their console that they see as unpopular.

According to Marc Whitten, Xbox’s chief product officer, Microsoft Read More →

Microsoft Makes a U-turn for X-box One Policies

In an interesting turn of events, Microsoft is taking their word back.  What initially was a strict and confusing set of policies had been readjusted.  Inspired and harassed by the geek rage, Microsoft announced that players don’t have to log on to their Microsoft account every 24 hours. Read More →

Xbox One Used Games Policy Still Unclear

Xbox One unleashes a slew of confusion and disappointment with their platform policies.  Microsoft’s efforts of caution against piracy are killing all the fun that traditional Xbox consoles have provided since it first came out in 1996.   Microsoft stresses in their statement that games are licensed, not owned.  Read More →

The Best Multi-Player Game Apps for Families

Games have come a long way with apps in terms of being wholesome and child safety.  Nowadays children’s ratings are considered an important factor when developing a program.  This is favorable for vigilant parents who do not wish to limit technological advances in their homes.  The latest games are best Read More →

From a Board Game to a Phone App

An old-timer was feeling a bit sentimental and pulled out his gameboards from the attic.  He called his ten-year old grandson who didn’t like being taken away from his techie lair.  It turns out, as the boy politely explained, that old school gameboards have Read More →

Rockstar Releases GTA 5 Trailers

Three trailers for the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 were just released by Rockstar.  These rocking clips introduce the main protagonists in the new GTA.  The three virtual players are Michael, Trevor and Franklin, all with diversely defective backgrounds.  Read More →

Playstation 4 Rumored Specs and Release Date

Rumors abound that more details on the up and coming Playstation 4 has been finally revealed on February 20. Many are speculating on how this new gaming console will turn out but there have been widespread discussion on its internal components as well as external hardware that it Read More →

Rockstar Releases GTA 5 on 9.17.2013

Grand Theft Auto fans are disappointed over Rockstar’s delayed release of the fifth version of the popular game.  Rockstar released a statement on their website about the official release date which will be on September 17, 2013.  The game maker originally planned the delivery earlier but the creators Read More →

Walking Dead Video Game Tops USA Today’s Best in 2012

If you’re up to testing your survival skills in the maddest, most extreme way possible, Walking Dead is the game for you. It’s a five-episode addictive game available in popular consoles including Mac and Windows PC versions. It was named by USA Today as the best game of Read More →