Playstation 4 Rumored Specs and Release Date

Rumors abound that more details on the up and coming Playstation 4 has been finally revealed on February 20. Many are speculating on how this new gaming console will turn out but there have been widespread discussion on its internal components as well as external hardware that it Read More →

Rockstar Releases GTA 5 on 9.17.2013

Grand Theft Auto fans are disappointed over Rockstar’s delayed release of the fifth version of the popular game.  Rockstar released a statement on their website about the official release date which will be on September 17, 2013.  The game maker originally planned the delivery earlier but the creators Read More →

What’s New in the Soon to be Revealed GTA 5

GTA 5 is unarguably one of the most anticipated games being developed Rockstar North in Scotland and published by Rockstar Games. This is the 15 th game in the Grand Theft Auto series and the first demo of the game was released on October 11 th 2012. The Read More →

The Amazing Spider Man for PS3 Released

<em>The Amazing Spider Man for PS3 is Released. This game is also following the Footstep of "The Amazing Spider Man"  Movie. According to IGN, "The Amazing Spider-Man isn't a great game, but it can be a great time". Well this can be realized when we actually play a game. Meanwhile it Read More →