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Wireless Molecular Network, a breakthrough in the world of text messaging

Canadian and British researchers have finally succeeded in designing and creating a breakthrough technology in the world of text messaging. This means now  messages can be sent through another mode of communication that is; Wireless Molecular Network. Using this technology, messages are transmitted via encoded alcohol-based molecules. These molecules act Read More →

New addition to Rupert Murdoch’s media company News Corp

The fact that this age is of social media and videos/ images based content can, now, be endorsed from the fact that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has spent a sum of whopping $25 million to acquire a five year old Dublin based startup known as Storyful.

So what is Read More →

40 million Target shoppers face debit and credit card information theft

As many as 40 million customers who have shopped from the American retail giant Target are facing the possibility of theft on their payment details after the retail giant discovered the data breach which took place around November 29, also popularly referred to as Black Friday, till the 15th Read More →

Reporting of Abusive Tweets in Twitter to be Simplified

Due to the recent outcry over rape threats in Britain, Twitter has made an announcement that they will be releasing a feature that will make it easier for their users to report any abusive threats not just on iPhone but other platforms as well. Those who received threats via Twitter Read More →

Apple Hiring Spree For iWatch Project

Apple has already filed for the trademark for the name iWatch.  Apple insiders have revealed that the project is coming along fairly well. But the Financial Times reported this Sunday that the company has recently gone on a hiring spree for its iWatch efforts. This implies that Apple Read More →

Rooting Your Own Android Smartphone

It is true that Android is quite flexible not to mention ready for customization but when you include phone makers as well as carriers, what you will have instead is a phone that is filled with restrictions not to mention preloaded software that you really don’t need. Although Read More →

Microsoft’s MSN TV Ends on Sept 30

Microsoft’s WebTV which was later referred to as MSN TV will no longer be made available to Apple’s customers by September 30. With Apple trying to revive its old service it will be upgrading the MSN Tv for everyone’s benefits.

The WebTV is actually the first of Read More →

Rumors of iOS7 Redesign

It appears that there is more to the Apple iOS7 than just a few add-ons. Rumor has it that a redesign of the entire package is in the works. It is said that Jony Ive, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, has something up his sleeves when Read More →

Amazon’s 3D Phone Could Be A Wonder to Behold

A hologram-like imagery is rumoured to be the next technology to hit the smartphone rage. Amazon, the branch-out online company is reportedly working on their own line of smartphones. It’s not clear whether they’re indeed creating Tony Stark’s glass-less gadget, but the word 3D has been circulating around. Read More →

17-Year Old App Developer is $30 Million Richer

NickNick D’Alosio one day decided to create news summarizing application program.  Summly gives a 400-character gist of a story but it can link it to the full publication if users choose to.  It’s a quick way to skim through articles Read More →