Data Storage and Management Solutions for Small Businesses

Businesses, no matter how big or small, will eventually evolve, and so we are faced with the age-old conundrum: where can we store our files? No matter how hard you try to organize yourself, you will be inevitably faced with mountains of documents, letters, presentations and innumerable types Read More →

How to Upload Your Photo Sphere Images to Google’s View Website

Google has fired up a new website dedicated for photo spheres. Looking back in Google’s recent imaging release, the search engine giant launched a camera option called Photo Sphere in Android 4.2 last year in October. Photo Sphere allows photo-enthusiasts to capture images with a 360° view. It’s Read More →

Browser Based File Sharing Enabled in Firefox 22

Who hasn't shared files these days either in their smartphones or their computers? File sharing is already a norm in this technologically adept society. The process in which files is shared have significantly improved over the years. People are no longer stuck with using their emails to share Read More →

Install a Chrome Extension to Share Pics Faster on Imgur

It can be quite addictive to browse through various photos posted in Imgur as well as reading the captions and comments below them while working on your computer. It’s not surprising to find that many have whiled away their hours just looking at these photos.

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Windows Blue Preview

Microsoft will not be making its users wait 3 years before releasing a new operating system, just like what happened between Windows 7 and 8.  But then it hasn’t been a year since Windows 8 was launched and already Microsoft has come up with a newer version called Read More →

Solve Common Problems with Windows 8

One morning upon arriving on work table, the office PC suddenly says Windows 8 with the fanciest start up page.  Don’t panic, it’s just a new program that you’ll eventually get used to. Despite the bad reviews, Windows 8 is not so bad.  Here are common problems and Read More →

Best & Free Anti-Virus Programs


There are a number of good reasons on why one should use a purchased anti-virus program. But some free anti-virus applications have superior detection and cleaning abilities and work just as well as exorbitant subscriptions.  Here are some Read More →

Getting Rid of Yontoo Adware from OS X System

Mac users should better watch out since there is another Trojan adware out and about disguised as an enticing ad online. This particular adware, when clicked, will download a plug-in called Twit Tube that will then attack your system and capture any sensitive information through your web browser. Read More →

Greatest Internet Memes of All Time

Meme, pronounced as meem, is actually short for the Greek word mimema which means “something imitated”. They’re simply catch-phrases, technology, songs and fashion that are passed on to become a cultural phenomenon. Now that the web is the norm, memes have evolved into an internet culture Read More →

Virtual PBX Offers Golden Opportunities to Small Businesses

Businesses big and small, have begun to rely more and more on the Voice over Internet Protocol system ( VoIP ). One great example in this regard would be the virtual PBX option, which is basically the modern, virtual, alternative for phone systems. No matter the size of your business, Read More →