Browser Based File Sharing Enabled in Firefox 22

Who hasn't shared files these days either in their smartphones or their computers? File sharing is already a norm in this technologically adept society. The process in which files is shared have significantly improved over the years. People are no longer stuck with using their emails to share Read More →

Install a Chrome Extension to Share Pics Faster on Imgur

It can be quite addictive to browse through various photos posted in Imgur as well as reading the captions and comments below them while working on your computer. It’s not surprising to find that many have whiled away their hours just looking at these photos.

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Apple Safari 5.1.7 Review

<strong>Safari 5.1.7 is released by Apple with a set of new featured and extensions and support to the HTML5 and Developers community. It comes with some extra privacy settings and security which help you to browse safely. The interaction with safari Read More →

Google Chrome And Drive Now Available in iOS

&<em>lt;em>Google Chrome Browser and Google Drive - a cloud based service offer by Google is now available for Apple iOS devices. Google Chrome browser is one of popular and widely used browser in the Read More →

How to Create Google Chrome Themes

I have recently posted about the Google Chrome customization of new tab and this is one of the great feature of Google Chrome browser that it allows Customization to make it as per your need. One of the customization includes the Chrome themes and there is a lot of ready-made Read More →

How to Customize the Chrome Tab

Chrome extension library or store are the Base and Key reason of the success of the Google Chrome browser.Google Chrome is Famous and widely used browser and the reason behind this is the vast range of useful chrome extension available for free in Chrome store. Google Chrome store has a Read More →