How to Generate QR code

How to Generate QR code, QR code or Quick Response Code is an encrypted form of URL or any other data which can only be decoded by QR code decoder. Now there is many App are available for various mobile handset which configured your handset camera to QR code Decoder. Read More →

How to Install Hacker Theme in Windows 7

Hacker theme for windows 7 is now ready and available. Recently I have posted about the customization of Jarvis theme in windows 7 and that post is appreciated by the people and I am thankful to all of them. Now in this post I am going to show you about Read More →

How to Install Jarvis theme in Windows 7

Many of us get bored with a look and feel of the Windows 7 as it have the old start button and else part with a little customization and this frustration result the customization. There is many themes we do use either which is officially developed by the Microsoft or Read More →

Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 Ready for Download

Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 is another Update by Ubuntu and it is ready for test. As we know, Ubuntu is one of the famous Linux Distribution all around the world and by Ubuntu Official they say 20 million people worldwide using Ubuntu every day. This is enough to prove their popularity and now Read More →

How to Create Google Chrome Themes

I have recently posted about the Google Chrome customization of new tab and this is one of the great feature of Google Chrome browser that it allows Customization to make it as per your need. One of the customization includes the Chrome themes and there is a lot of ready-made Read More →

How to Customize the Chrome Tab

Chrome extension library or store are the Base and Key reason of the success of the Google Chrome browser.Google Chrome is Famous and widely used browser and the reason behind this is the vast range of useful chrome extension available for free in Chrome store. Google Chrome store has a Read More →

How to run Linux command in Browser

Linux commands are very similar to Unix one as Linux is a clone of Unix, But if you want to run the Linux commands in Windows or Mac or any other OS Apart from the Linux then you have to either install the Linux in your system or use some Read More →

How to remove Build Info from Windows 8 Desktop

Windows 8 Consumer preview is used by many peoples now and Microsoft also getting a good feedback from the user's. Even though i have installed the Windows 8 as my primary OS and enjoying its features. But one thing that always distract my eyes is the Build Info Read More →

How to Enable picture password in windows 8

Windows 8 Offer's a picture password features that let you to login in your computer with some simple click. Yes this is a easy way to login and vulnerable too as if someone surf your shoulder then you caught. Basically i used to go with password but to just try Read More →

Windows 8 to Launch in October By Microsoft

After Getting Successful response from the customers and developer for the Developer preview and Consumer preview of windows 8, Now Microsoft is planning to Build the Windows 8 Ready PC’s and Tablets and start providing it to the customers from the month of October. Microsoft Corp Read More →