Windows 7

The Quick And Easy Way To Dual Boot Windows 7 And Windows 8

Do you want to test out the awesome new Windows 8 operating system but don't want to lose everything you have customized on your Windows 7 OS? Windows 8 comes with an installer that give you the option of multi-booting, which is exactly what you want to do. Setting up Read More →

Some Best Collection of Rainmeter Themes

<em>Rainmeter themes are considered as one of the best theme framework for windows 7. In my last post I have posted about how to install Jarvis theme in windows 7 and aRead More →

How to Generate QR code

How to Generate QR code, QR code or Quick Response Code is an encrypted form of URL or any other data which can only be decoded by QR code decoder. Now there is many App are available for various mobile handset which configured your handset camera to QR code Decoder. Read More →

How to Install Hacker Theme in Windows 7

Hacker theme for windows 7 is now ready and available. Recently I have posted about the customization of Jarvis theme in windows 7 and that post is appreciated by the people and I am thankful to all of them. Now in this post I am going to show you about Read More →

How to Install Jarvis theme in Windows 7

Many of us get bored with a look and feel of the Windows 7 as it have the old start button and else part with a little customization and this frustration result the customization. There is many themes we do use either which is officially developed by the Microsoft or Read More →

List of tools to make Bootable USB Drive

There were many operating system today like Windows, Linux, MacOSX but the most spread one in US and other countries are MAC and Windows and Linux is used by many server's and that type of heavy weight system. But the interesting fact about Linux system is it distribution spread across Read More →