I have recently posted about the Google Chrome customization of new tab and this is one of the great feature of Google Chrome browser that it allows Customization to make it as per your need. One of the customization includes the Chrome themes and there is a lot of ready-made themes are available in Chrome store. Here i am going to post about how to create your own Chrome themes with your own Background and color schemes.

if you are programmer or a Familiar person with JSON script then might be this documentation helps you a lot to custom code the Chrome themes.

Read: Documentation Details to create a Chrome themes.

But if you are a naive user and don’t want to waste the time to learn JSON script then here is some steps which helps you to create the Chrome Themes.

Create your Own Chrome Themes:

There is a website on Web called ChromeThemes.net which has the Online theme creator for the chrome. There is a very simple Interface to create a chrome themes and then lots of color schemes and customization options available there. So open that Link and follow the steps below:

Here is a ChromeTheme.net view and where i have filled up some basic information about my theme. What you have to do is just do the same.

chrome themes

Now once you filled up the basic information then select the Images Tab on left top corner and select the background image if you wish to use that as your theme background (i have already selected it that’s why it appears on image). Once you Upload the Image then switch back to your Start Tab and Click on Pack and Install theme.

chrome themes creation

Once you clicked there then It will download your theme and install it automatically on your chrome browser. Once done then you will see the effect of theme.

How to Remove the Chrome themes:

Now suppose you want to switch back to Old theme or want to remove the theme which you have been created above then this can be done simply by going to Options of Chrome Browser.

Go to wrench menu -> options and in there select the Personal Stuff Tab on left panel and scroll down and you will see the Reset to Default theme Button. Just click there and all done.

reset the chrome theme

Just a single click will reset your default theme.

That’s all for now, Just create your theme, tweak with it, play with it and have fun. Stay tuned with techbloghub for latest updates and if you face any difficulties in above steps then please let us know via comments or you can send us an email. Join our Facebook Fan page to Get updated via Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for latest Tweets. Good luck.!