As betaworks, a New York-based company takes over the Digg in last week have claimed the re launch of Digg in less than two week. According to the Blog of the betaworks, they said that

On August 1, after an adrenaline and caffeine-fueled six weeks, we’re rolling out a new v1. With this launch, we’re taking the first step towards (re)making Digg the best place to find, read and share the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet — and we want your help.

New Digg

In the blog post, the team of betaworks provided the complete development and project plans about the re building of Digg. They have mentioned the following Mile stone to achieve in their re build.

  1. We make it easy to find, read, and share the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet.
  2. The experience must be fast and thin. Let users go, and they will come back to you. We optimize for return visits, not pageviews per visit.
  3.  Build an experience that is native to each device: smart phone, inbox, Web page. Stories must find the user, wherever they are.
  4. Users must be able to share where they and their friends already are — on networks like Facebook, Twitter and email.

The step of re building of the Digg is taken cause of the lot’s of response getting by reputed User’s. As Digg is one of the Popular Bookmarking and web 2.0 site but even though it have some bugs and design issue is also there and beta works is trying to make it more intuitive so that they will achieve the mile stone that they had been mentioned in the blog post.

Well we have to wait for two weeks to take an advantage of new and re build Digg. And of course it will be free as it were before.