Facebook said this week they have finally fixed a glitch that allowed photos that users thought they were deleting to actually stay on the server.

If you deleted a photo from Facebook, it was removed from your profile and news feed, but if someone had the direct link to the image, then it would still appear. An update to Facebook, however, fixed the issue a spokesperson said this week.

“As a result of work on our policies and infrastructure we have instituted a ‘max-age’ of 30 days for our content distribution network (CDN) links,” the spokesman said.

The photo update was first noted by Ars Technica which has said the photo deletion issue has been causing issues for Facebook users for more than 3 years.

Twitter and Flickr delete their photos in mere seconds from their CDN, while MySpace takes a few months and Facebook took years.

Ars Technica tested Instagram photo deletion, which was acquired by Facebook for $1, and it deleted photos instantly from servers.