With over 200 features released in the new Mac OSX Mountain Lion, there are some other features that went unnoticed and didn’t make it into the documentation. Here are five hidden features in Mac OSX Mountain Lion that might save you some time to increase productivity. Or it could decrease productivity playing with them because they are such awesome tips.

Look up any word by three finger tap

You are now able to look up the definition of any word or phrase just by using the three finger tap on your multi touch pad. This only works in certain applications such as Chrome and Safari. I’m not sure which is easier – doing the three finger tap or typing the word in Google. Both are pretty quick.

Full screen Mac App Store

Apple has finally made it available to run the Mac App Store in full screen mode. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when you’re trying to purchase Star Wars and want to look at the photos before hand, you want them as high quality as you can get them. Thanks Apple!

Rename files in the document header

This works in certain apps and allows you to rename your document straight from the header. You can also move to iCloud if you have it set up.

New screen savers

Before Mountain Lion, Apple was lacking on their screen saver selection. Now they have loaded up with over 10 new screen saver settings and selections. This was a huge improvement in my opinion.

Share quick look photos to Twitter

This is a really neat feature that Apple decided to throw in there. Whenever you are viewing a photo with Quick Look, you can click the arrow in the top right and send it to Twitter or other services. Really nice to be able to do that.

What other hidden features have you found in Mac OSX Mountain Lion?