How to Generate QR code, QR code or Quick Response Code is an encrypted form of URL or any other data which can only be decoded by QR code decoder. Now there is many App are available for various mobile handset which configured your handset camera to QR code Decoder. First of all let us understand the importance of QR code in Web site management and traffic generation.

There is one forecast about the Mobile web uses is that around 1.7 billion user’s will be there in 2013. Means there is huge scope of Traffic generation from mobile user’s as they are becoming more active on mobile. Here the QR code helps them to scan the code and Open the website in mobile browser for instantly access websites without encountering the cumbersome process of entering the URL in the tiny mobile web browser.

Here see a video of explaining Importance of QR code:

How to Generate QR code:

Well before moving to Generation of the QR code you should be sure about that your website is optimize for the Mobile. If you are using wordpress then there is plugin for optimize your website for the Mobile user’s. The reason behind optimizing is that mobile screen are smaller in size and if user trying to view your website in there handset then it might take longer time to load and that results frustration to user and somehow they might leave your site because of that.

To generate QR code there is many tools available online and here we develop one App for windows which is very easy to generate QR code. What you need is to download it and just run there is no installation at all, put your website URL and waits for sometime after clicking Generate Bar button. And make sure you have active internet connection.

Download QR Code generator By TechBlogHub:

QR code generator

It take a little time to generate the QR code and once it done, the QR code for respected URL will be shown. What all you need is to Just right click on it and save it your computer for further. You can upload that to your site and Put it somewhere where you wish but again saying make sure you have optimized your site for the Mobiles.

 Hope you Guys like this App and this post too. Download it, use it and if you like it then spread this App as well. And ya one more thing, the QR code may divert a awesome traffic to your site so don’t take it lightly. if you find any Bug in tool then do let me know via comments or mail me. Good luck.!