Hacker theme for windows 7 is now ready and available. Recently I have posted about the customization of Jarvis theme in windows 7 and that post is appreciated by the people and I am thankful to all of them. Now in this post I am going to show you about the installation and customization of hacker theme for windows 7 and this really looks awesome.

Many of us have saw the Hackers movie, whether it is the “hacker” or “Die hard 4” or some other popular movies based on hacking. What really attracts me in all those movies was the interface and look and feel of operating system that they have used. So to accomplish that I have found this hacker theme for windows 7 which really do what I have wanted. Take a look of my Desktop:

hacker desktop
Now for this what materials you need is listed here:

  • Rainmeter Application.
  • Hacker Skin from Deviant Art.
  • Rocket Dock Application
  • A Hacker Desktop Wallpaper [i will provide]

So if you have already installed the Jarvis theme in your computer then you might don’t need Rainmeter but if you don’t then first you need to install the Rainmeter application, It is simple to install and lightweight in download.

Rainmeter is the theme framework on which multiple skins can run; it provides an environment to the skins and a framework to artist who design the skins. To download it just follows the link given below.

Download Rainmeter:

Once you have downloaded the Rainmeter application just install it, in installation it may download some files from other mirrors so the installation time is depend upon the internet speed you have. Once downloaded then you are ready for the hacker theme installation in windows 7. Here follow the link to download.

Download the Rocket Dock Application:

Download Rocket Dock  and install it and to make a Look same as in shown above, change the Skin to painter skin from Setting of Dock.

Download Hacker theme for Windows 7:

Download the above files and extract it and once you have done with extraction then go to folder and click on Rainmeter Skin file and wait for a few seconds. Once Rainmeter configured this skin it will enable the theme and here you go, what you need now is the hacker desktop background, as i have mentioned above download it from here and apply it Background [it looks cool]. Now you can drag the widget according to your need and wish and can apply some more customization to make it cool.

Hope you people like this customization and again saying if you have missed the Jarvis theme installation then do take a look, it’s also awesome. Do give your feedback about hacker theme for windows 7.