WordPress offers’s you to add the various media content in the post like video’s, audio’s, images and various type of files like .exe and .zip etc. Here i am  going to describe you the steps to add various media content in your post and how to manage them as well.

Insert Image, Audio and video in Post

To insert these type of media files you can do this by two ways and both the ways do the same thing.

  • From the Post section.
  • From the Media section in Dashboard menu.

I am going to explain you from the Post section. So Open the post section and Click on Add new post or Open the existing. If you feel difficulty in this then read the post.

Read: How to add post on wordpress.

Now once you Open the Add new page and then there is a small option just above the header of editor labeled as “Upload/insert” . Click on that and you will see a page after clicking on this.

Click on "Upload/insert" Option.

This window will appear after clicking on “upload/insert” Button.

Now here you can add your image, video from the three ways:

  • By Uploading from your computer.
  • By preferring a Link of image from other site (not video).
  • Or By adding it from the Media Library.

Media Library contains the previous added media content so if you want to add the same media content in other post then you don’t have to upload the same image again and again just go there select the file and add in to post.

Upload from Your computer. 

To upload the file from your computer Just click on select files button or you can drag them too. Now once you select the appropriate media file from your computer then after uploading the file it will show you the information about image like this.

Options are like this:

Title: This is the name of your file.

Alternate Text: Alt text is also very important thing for SEO purpose and this is a text which gives you description of image when someone hovers the mouse in image.

Caption: A little Description of image.

Link URL: This is the URL which show the link at where your file is uploaded on the server.

Once you do the above option then add the image by clicking on Button “add on Post” .

Add from Link.

Suppose you want to add the image file without uploading it then you can do this as well. Just copy the link of image. And paste it to the option as shown below appears after clicking on From URL section.

Paste the URL and if your URL is correct then there is one green tick will appear. Now click on The Insert into Post button and your file will be added in to post.

NOTE: Prefer the link from the some trusted site because may be if site removes the link of that image then might be it won’t display on Future.

Add from Media Library.

If you want to add the same image that you might be used in some other post then go to “Add from media library” Option. It will show you the all files that is uploaded on your server. You can search the appropriate file and add it into post.

How to add youtube video’s in to post.

Youtube no doubt has the biggest collection of post and if you want to add them into your post then either you can use the plugin or go for manual. I insist go for manual steps.

  • Open the video from YouTube site.
  • Right Click on that click “copy Embeded Html code” as shown below.

youtube video add

  • Now once copied then go to your HTML section of post and paste the code.

  • Now all done, video is inserted in your post.

Similarly you can Upload the .zip and .exe file in your server and can give the link in your post. Like a Download Link.

This is all about the media content and adding them to post. If you still have any doubts drop in the comments or contact me.