Netflix is an American based On Demand Internet Streaming Media. It is also accessible in United Kingdom, Latin America, Ireland and in some other European countries. It is subscription based service and accessible in major Computer platform like Windows, Mac, Linux,iOS, Android. If you have a Video plugin Enabled browser then you can easily access the Netflix in your device. Netflix provides you almost all the Serials and Movies in an affordable price and most important thing can be accessible from anywhere. The Major Problem and frustration occurs when user have to switch to next episode of same series of serial manually. But the Problem is no longer happens here is an app Developed by jason stallings – a computer science student from Texas, USA. This App automatically switch to next episode of the series as soon as the current one ends.

netflix main window

Autoflix is a lightweight tool and also open source , if you are a developer and wanted to look on a code then you can get it from here and for the normal people it is available for a small Price. The price is too small in front of the service that it gives. But here you can download it for free.

Once you have download and install it in your system , it places a notification area in your taskbar. It will be activated in background and won’t disturb you while doing other stuff’s in your system but as soon as you are watching a episode in the Netflix and once the current one ends it will automatically pop up and click the next episode in the browser to play next one ! Cool is’nt it? You won’t have to handle this window then.


Autoflix has an option to avail the timer option i.e. how many episode you want to play so that Autoflix won’t play next episode even if you don’t want to see that. what you need to do is to just put number of episodes in timer section and if you don’t know the episode number then select the time activation method.


AutoFlix also has a General Settings, like run when start up and other. The Autoflix comes with the Anti sleep option which prevents your system to go in sleeping mode while watching something on Netflix. This is also a Good feature. So if you are die hard fan of Netflix but facing the same problem then you will surely love AutoFlix and according to it’s author who is also a NetFlix fan “Autoflix should me must have app for Netflix User’s”.

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