“The Quieter You Become The More You Are Able To Hear”

Backtrack 5 is released and it is used by many people now and basically this version is released for the normal user’s too cause it based on popular Ubuntu platform and offers user the good Interface to work. But many developers and hackers are believed that this is unstable version and it has many Bug and loop holes. So As i am also using the same Backtrack 4 and using the dial up connection sometime when i used to go out of home. I face some problem in connecting internet to Backtrack4 and finally i resolved this issue. So i am thinking to share it with you so that you won’t face the problem while using the backtrack4 in vmware workstation.

Connect Your Dial up to Host machine.!

First connect your dial up connection to your Host machine. I am using Vodafone dongle as a Modem and obviously Vodafone network for dial up connection. My Host is windows 7 and using the Backtrack4 in Vmware 7.

dial up connection window

Make Sure your Dialup network is connected

The above one is mine dial up window. Now what you have to do is just switch to backtrack4 and open the Terminal or Terminator. Then after just type the simple command wicd and hit enter, as shown below.

wicd command for the backtrack4

I used terminator as a shell but you can use Terminal as well. [i like terminator a lot :)]

Now just open your browser and browse the net.

Internet in backtrack4

This is one of the simplest trick to avail internet facility in backtrack4 using in Vmware and in Dialup or in other connection too. If you face any problem while doing please do let me know in comments.