Converting a File into different format is our day-to-day need, we use to convert various video formats to make a compatibility with our Phone or sometime we used to convert it to save our Disk Size. Same is in case of the Images; we use to convert the Image to .PNG or other suitable format to save the Disk Space or to make the image light weight to send online via mail. It happened to me many times that I wrote the Document to Other file format and trying to open it to Microsoft Word or in some other editor but can’t succeeded as it won’t allow and not supported that format. So for that I used to download the converter to make that document compatible to Microsoft word or for some other editor.

Here I found something which is really a good one and time-saving. The website called is the online utility which is basically an online format converter. Yes you can convert almost all type of Docs, images, videos into a format which you wish.”” is supporting various useful formats; some of popular are listed below:

  • Convert a .jpg image into a .png, .gif, or .bmp, etc.
  • Convert a YouTube video into a .avi, .mov, .3gp, .flac, .m4a, .wmv, etc.
  • Convert a .docx to a .doc, .pdf, .html, etc.
  • Convert a .pdf into an e-book format your e-reader supports.
  • Convert a .rar into a .zip

So here you go a simple tutorial of the Format conversion using the zamzar. I want to convert a file say any PNG image to JPG file. Let show you how to do it.

  • Visit the
  • Scroll down and you will see a Tab interface which has some options like choose a file and select the converting format etc.

zagzar front screen

  • Select the Appropriate file (I prefer you to use some small size image to test rather than the HD Video). Once you selected a file it shows you the selected file on a bottom of page.

file selection

  • Now select the Format on which you wish you convert your file and enter your mail ID. Mail id is for sending the Converted File.Here what i choose.

file selection

  • Now once you done with uploading the click on convert Button. Once you click there a window pop ups (as shown below ) and it will alert you about your operation. Just click on Ok.

this is alert of zamzar

  • Now zamzar upload your File on their web server and convert them into a format which you have been selected. Just wait for a minute.Once the conversion completes then it alert you about the process.

upload complete

  • Now once the conversion completes then they will send you a mail containing your appropriate data. Check your mail and download the file. Here what I got in my account.

mail sent by zarzar
So that’s all for now. Hope you enjoy this article and this website too. Convert any File format to other without caring about special tools and Hazards of installation. Don’t forget to Like our Facebook fan page for latest happening and share this article so that your friends should know about this too. Good luck!