The Sharing of images is very easy now a day, people use to upload and share the image to various social media Sites and various cloud storage. You will find so many of images in Google images, and in various image based site. To download the images from those sites you need to do a manual – image by image saving to your computer. But what about to download all images at once and save it your cloud storage. Yes here is how to download all images from website or web page.

How to Download all images from Web Page:

To do this what you need is cloud storage to save your Media’s, you may go for Dropbox which is easier to install or Google Drive – a cloud based service offered by Google. If you are a beginner and don’t have the cloud storage then I prefer you to go for Dropbox as it is very easy to install and configure else you move to next step. Just go to Dropbox official site and download the application and install it in your system.

Once installed it will ask you whether you have account in Dropbox or not, if you don’t have the account then select the option and go to next and fill the required form. After the Dropbox will create an Online account and a shared folder on your computer whether your cloud files will be displayed.

Once have the cloud storage then you can go ahead. Here now you need to download one Chrome extension which enables you to download images from website and save it to your cloud storage.

Download and install the image collector chrome extension from here.

After installation go to options of the extension and connect your Dropbox account. After that open any website you wish to and then you should see a frame on a right corner of the Address bar. Just click there and it will flash a option to download a images from the web page. Save it your cloud storage and all done. Here see a demo.

image collector option

I have configured the Dropbox account to my image collector extension and I want to download images from Now once the site is loaded to my browser the option or frame is visible on right by which I can download all images from that webpage.

image collector option

And I forget to mention that you can share the images to Facebook and can also tweet about it by using image collector extension.
Here is all about how to download all images from any web site, hope you like it and if you face any difficulty then ask me on comments or contact me. Good luck.