Commenting is a very powerful way to build a Backlinks and it is mandatory process too for the page rank improvement. Well for the beginners like me (not actually) this is very important to learn that how to prevent your comments from being spam in other sites. Usually what happens that we found the PR-0 to PR-4 sites and start commenting, we used to do 100 comments daily and thinking that our backlinks is created but this is not actually a case. We need to think a lot before doing a comment on a site otherwise “Akismet” mark your comments as a spam and your all hard work will vanish. Here in this post i am going to tell you some secret of “Akismet” and tips to prevent your comment from being mark as spam.

What is Akismet..!

It is just a basic building plugin for the wordpress blog to prevent your site from spams. Generally this is common used plugin due to its free of cost and its performance to detect and manage spam’s. But this become your worst enemy if you find yourself being unfairly labeled as spam on other sites. This plugin checks the incoming comments and trackbacks against a database to determine if the item is spam, and if it is then it move it to the Spam Queue.

Kindly check your Spam Queue before deleting it cause many times there is a valuable comment and advise are there which really you and your site needs, in my case there is lot of comments from my friends.:)

Yeah now here are some points that you need to check before clicking on “Post comment” Button.

  • Don’t post some Ambiguous comment which makes the Blog owner to mark your comment as “spam” and remember once they do this then there is very low possibility of approval of comment in that blog in future. Here is a example of Ambiguous comment.

Wow, what a great post. This is my first time to visit here, and I like everything so much

  • Don’t try to make fool a blog owner by using different mail ID but the same IP of computer. I prefer that if you are a serious blog commentor and your comment is ethical  then use the same Mail ID and name, this makes a impression to the owner of the blog that “yes this man truly visited our site“.
  • There may be a chance that the post on which you are going to comment is already having a huge list of comments and for to save your time you just copied the comment and post it and thinking that you got the backlink. You may approve for the time being but as the owner gets your copied comment then they may block you for a while.
  • Do commenting with the interest and make your comment which is related to the post content and theme. Putting a Off topic comment is a bad habit.

This is all about doing a comment. Now let me give you some technical advice that is really make you able to pass from the Fire Wall of Akismet.

Tip#1:Don’t use Short comment and General words

Generally the words like nice, helpful, thanks for sharing, helps a lot are quickly detected by the Akismet. Use instead informative, sort my problem, thank you for this information like words which gives a great readability to your comment. And instead of saying and giving compliment to post, use some predefined keywords and formats. Here is some points.

  • Start from Introducing your self and saying Hello to author.
  • Give your reference that from where you reach that site even if it is Google.
  • Tell what you like in that post , any single point can make a author happy.
  • Say some encouraging points and boost the confidence of authors.
for example:
” Hello Author name, i have found this article from so and so source and i am thankful of them. I just like the ——-point name and description——your views——end. well this is very informative post and i hope some more from your side in future. Regards”

if your comment includes the following points and if it is arranged in good manner then your comment would be ideal and it won’t be a spammed.

Tip#2:Author name and email address

This is very important point to consider. Your name which you are using must have little match, i am not saying exact but little match with your email id. Like if you are using your name as “Bob” and your id is then you might be face a problem. Yes it is not happening for all but it is happen for some people too. And if you are a owner of your blog then better use your mail which is provided by the hosting provider. Like. , cause the Akismet checks the spam comments related to free mailing service like gmail,yahoo etc and i am not saying that don’t use such email but if suppose you mark as spam on one site and you wanna approve your comment then prefer this type of emails rather than the free mailing service. If you have mail id from some news website or from some magazine sites then that also work good for you.

Tip#3: Site URL and Author Comment

Suppose you are spammed on one site, if that happens then Akismet Web server  stores your Site IP and Author name. And if you try to do another comment then it is again mark as spam without content checking. So for that you should change the IP of computer from where you do commenting, and use the different name in this case.

What if comment getting not approved..??

You can try the above steps for writing a better comment and trouble shoot the spam issue but still if you are not approved then there is only one way left. Send a mail to the blog owner and tell them that you are a true visitor and your comment is really true and valuable and if still they don’t allowed then Just leave that site man. There is many are there. Move on..!!

Well this is all about little research of mine for the commenting and about akismet. Feel free to ask in comments or contact me. 

Hope this post help you to make your comment spam Free. !! :)