To run dos application in windows 8 requires a little bit of trick. It’s not as simple as to just double click on the program and use it. But many of you thinking that who is gonna use 16 bit program or dos Application now a days.

But There are some tools and Applications are there which actually been supported only on Dos or the operating system’s till Windows XP. For example as i am the Computer Science Student then i used to deal with Turbo C Tool which is basically supported on Dos mode (there is an alternative for this tool as well but i love to use this).

So when i switch to windows 8 as my primary Os , i had been facing the difficulties while trying to run the Dos Application so here are the some steps that helps you the resolve this issue.

Basically to run Dos Application in windows 8 we need a third party tool, called as emulator. The DosBox is the one the famous tool that helps us to to run Dos Application in windows 8. Here is how?

Download and Install DosBox in your System:

DosBox is a open source tool and light weight to install. DosBox is capable to run Most of the Dos Application inside its environment. Here  follow the Link to Download it and Don’t worry it is safe to use.

Download Latest Version of DosBox.

Now Once Downloaded Just Install it and i don’t think that you need a installation steps too. And if you are facing some problem while installing then Just ping me a mail , i will resolve your issue. Lets come to actual point to run dos application in windows 8.

Now once you installed the Application the Icon will be on your Desktop. Just double click on that and DosBox will open in your Computer.

Dos box application window

Now if you are little bit aware of the commands of windows then you can easily use a DosBox. else you should learn it. Here i am considering to run a Turbo C in my computer in the DosBox.

  • First copy the TC folder in the C:\ Drive.
  • Now type the following command one by one in dos box window.

                                                                  –> Mount c c:\

                                                                  –> c:\

                                                                 –> cd tc\bin

Here is the command in DosBox:

Dos box commands

Now you are in Bin folder of Turbo C. Just type the program name you want to run and that’s all. Here i want to use Tc then i just type tc in command window and Turbo C editor will popup.

turbo c in dosbox

Similarly you can run the other Dos application in windows 8 too. Hope this would help you. Just do it for yourself and if you feel any difficulties in doing this then drop a comment or send me a mail and in last don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter. Good luck.!