WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. I have also posted the reason that why to use wordpress as your blogging platform. May be There are some people who want to hack into your website and use it for their purposes. As wordpress may have some loopholes or if not then might be your theme have. This makes your site vulnerable to hack. This article will discuss 5 ways to make your WordPress site more secure.

Tip 1: Delete the user named “admin”

WordPress uses the default administrator as “admin” while installation and most of us forget this to change.Hackers know that most installations keep the default admin user id and use that weakness to hack into your wordpress site. If they get the valid user id then they will easily guess the password by using various attacks.

Login to wordpress site go to user-> all user -> add new user

Once you add the user name of your wish then delete the admin user by going to all user option.

Tip 2: Choose a Unique user name and strong password

Your user name should be unique and hard to guess. Don’t use your user name as your phone number, your name, child’s name etc. Use a name which is only you know and yes try to avoid to use mail id as your user name. Second password must be unique because there is lots of dictionary available which contains the common password. Follow the steps to make your password strong:

  • A mixture upper and lower case letters
  • Should include at least one number. Repeating the same number can add extra security.
  • Should include other characters such as @#$%^&*_-+= in your password
  • Must be at least 6 characters long, preferably 8. The longer the password the hard it is to guess
  • Do not use birthdays or names in your password. This is one of the one common things people use in passwords.

Tip 3: Update a wordpress

WordPress officially announces its updates on a time basis and you don’t have to worry about it. The notification will come in your dashboard about updates. The older versions do have some security holes that have been fixed. Most web hosts will alert you to updates as they become available. If you are hosting WordPress yourself check on wordpress.com for updates regularly.

Tip 4: Prevent search engine from indexing your admin area

This is also one of the important step. To do this you have to edit your robots.txt file which is available on Google XML Sitemap Plugin.

Add the following in the end of the file: Disallow: /wp-*

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Tip 5: Backup your WordPress database on time basis

Backup a wordpress database file and tables is the important thing.There are several plugins that will do this automatically for you. Install them and use them. Keep your backup on a secure place or better is write them on Rewritable CD’s and preserve them.

Quick Reviw

  • Delete the user named “admin”
  • Choose a Unique user name and strong password
  • Update a wordpress
  • Prevent search engine from indexing your admin area
  • Backup your WordPress database on time basis