Suppose in case you are working on some other computers and you don’t want to share any data or copy some thing into the drive of computer then you prefer the USB drive to copy and paste some data while working. So if you are deleting some files from the USB Drive then it will move to recycle bin of that computer. If you want that deleted won’t go to recycle bin , and you want some extra security then instead of that use your flash drive as recycle bin.

To avail this facility you need the software or utility called the “iBin”, this tool let you to use your flash drive as recycle bin. This is very small in size and free to use.


First of all download the tool from given link. Install it on your thumb drive (USB Drive) not on computer.

Click to Download the iBin

This tool is small in size and downloaded in a snap. Now extract the file and open the “iBin.exe”. Now if you have not attach the USB drive in computer then it pop up and error same as given below:

iBin gives Error if you have not attach the USB Drive

All you have to do is just attach the USB Drive and error won’t come again. Now rest of part is how to use it to make flash drive as recycle bin.

To use this utility run it from the USB Drive and then delete files by using Windows key + Delete. When this shortcut key is pressed, any deleted file will be sent to the Flash Drive Recycle Bin instead of the Windows Recycle Bin.You can change iBin settings by opening the Custom Options through the iBin Notification area icon. All deleted files can be found through the iBin folder on the Flash Drive.

Note: Time of Installation is depend upon the Size of Drive and the Number of files in the Drive. So if take more time to install, don’t panic, let it to install.

This is all about this trick. Use it and Enjoy it. If you face any problem while installing or using then do let me know in comments or contact me.