<em>Recently i have posted about the customization of the Windows 7 to look like the Interface of Jarvis computer. After that Many people contacted me about having the real world computer i.e. a Digital Assistant who can talk with them, who can help you to write programs, who can handle your household work through Robots and Many more. In Iron Man movie, the most interesting part is his Computer which acts as a Digital Assistant, Jarvis handles each and everything about the Tony Stark including his work, Writing Programs for his Suit, Handling Security of His house and all, But apart from Film, is it possible to have such intelligent computer in the real life ? Well Answer is Yes cause i believe impossible itself says i am possible. Let’s see some work which is done by Geeks from all around the world to accomplish such Intelligent computer and yeah the Real Time Jarvis.

Jarvis Computer in Iron Man

Let’s talk about the Programming part, apart from customization the very important thing is the accurate Voice recognisation system and yes this is not a General Voice recognisation system that have a Simple Database of Pre described commands and compare the Human voice to commands stored, if it matches then some event occurs else a mismatch happens. But Jarvis Computer was like a Responsive voice recognisation system that can even raise question from itself and waiting for answer. i hope you guess what really i am talking about , yes we need to Put some Artificial Intelligence Programs to avail such a feature which is not easy.

Well it takes lot of time to have a complete Features like Jarvis in Iron Man, but some Geeks have started and created the initial Jarvis Creatorfootstep for other. A guy named as Chad Barraford’s created a Mac Based App which he named as Jarvis, this app is able to talk with him, can wakes up in morning, can broadcast a weather report and tracks some latest happening in his favorite. Imagine a computer who can tell you or send you a text or even speaks in the Speaker when you was in other room in House about latest happening in your computer, social sites, technology blogs and emails. Yes Chad Makes something like that.

His Program talk with him, and notifying him about the Weather, Keeping tracks on his financial Transactions. The complete pack of Jarvis includes:

  • Mac Mini
  • radio-frequency-identification (RFID) tag reader
  • X10 home automation system
  • wall speakers and a wireless microphone.
You will get the complete package in $691.98  which is worth to give if you really want your system like that. For further development option i am trying to contact with him.
Here is a Video Demonstration about the working of Jarvis?
In this video Jarvis is talking with the Chad.

Check out the Morning alert and weather report.

Jarvis Secure your Home:

See How Jarvis reacts after getting some reaction in House.

This project is really awesome and if you watch the video you will be surely become a Fan of it. This is a hope of light for the future project in the Jarvis Type computer development. So is it possible to have real life Jarvis computer ? i’ll say Yes, what You say, Let’s see in comments.