Many of us get bored with a look and feel of the Windows 7 as it have the old start button and else part with a little customization and this frustration result the customization. There is many themes we do use either which is officially developed by the Microsoft or by the third party organisation. But the main factor is to feel something new and that we do by using third party tool. Well here I got something very interesting and a it is great gift for the Iron Man lovers. Yes in Iron Man as we know Tony Stark has it’s superb fully fledge computer known as “Jarvis” and that Have really very cool interface. Anyway we are not going to make this interface at all but we can do a little to feel something like “Jarvis” interface.

Here see my desktop after customization:

Jarvis theme and desktop

Well Deviant Art has the monopoly in the customization of the look and feel of almost all the operating system and including windows, Linux and Mac. Here to do this we need a tool called RainMeter which is the Theme framework developed by the DeviantArt and this Framework including so many skins. So first of all you need to download and install RainMeter In your Computer. So do this by following the link below.

Download RainMeter from DeviantArt:

Install it in your system and once it is (it take little time) installed then what you need is to download the Skin of the Jarvis Interface. Yes it is a skin that runs under the RainMeter, Download it from Link given below.

Download Jarvis theme from DeviantArt:

Now download the Skin and Just double click on that file. And that’s all, You have installed the Jarvis theme in your computer. Now Just Use a background of windows as a Complete Black color (make it in paint if you don’t have) and apply it cause it look cool. Arrange the widgets according to your need or as shown above and finally it is done.Enjoy and good luck.