Nintendo’s Wii U is a next-generation gaming console that comes with a large touchscreen controller that gives the extreme and  special control power to user and adds a new layer to the game. The release date of Nintendo wii u will be available on this Christmas. Nintendo wii u will come with many changes and updates and ready to give a different Gaming experience to Players. The Additional thing in Nintendo will u is the touch screen controller.

The Nintendo Wii U console looks almost exactly like the original Wii but the major change is done in the Wireless Game controller comes with a 6.2-inch touchscreen that works differently with each game. Nintendo wii u  is also applicable for the Multiplayer mode.

nintendo wii u

Nintendo Corporation hasn’t yet set the Wii U’s price and exact release date, but from sources it’s expected to launch in time for the holiday of Christmas.

What is Major Change in Nintendo Wii u:

The console of Nintendo wii u is apparently similar to it’s predecessor Consoles but the Major update is the Touch screen wireless interface. In this control you can play a game rather then finding a Free TV. Obviously it is not alternative of TV but meanwhile user can access it and yes it is also can be used to check the game whether it is interesting or not and after deciding can go for the TV and other output Devices.

nintendo wii u


The most interesting change in Nintendo Wii u is the Multiplayer mode. Think how can some one play Multiplayer Game in 6.2 inch touch screen interface. But Nintendo made it, With multi-player games the GamePad holder sees different things on the touchscreen than what their fellow gamers, who have regular controllers, see on the linked-up TV.

The Games for Nintendo Wii u will be release with the Device and yes there is no official update about it so date and plans might be changed.

Conclusively we can say that Nintendo wii u will attract the attention of the People but we can’t ignore that there is a tough competition from Sony and Microsoft.