Nokia used to rule the spot light in the mobile phone arena. The first ever hand held phone they released was 5100. It was the most popular model in the late nineties. Nokia has come a long way since then. In an attempt to keep up, Nokia created a smart phone to topple iPhone and Android phones: the Lumia 920.

Lumia 920 has all the makings of features of a quality smart phone. It has an optical image stabilisation feature for blur-free pictures and videos, which is perfect for its 8.9 megapixel camera. It uses the most sensitive touchscreen technology on a 4.5” display. It should be snappy with a dual core 1.5Ghz processor called Snapdragon S4. This processor uses technology with the ability of each core to save battery power. It charges wirelessly, draining only after a talk time of 10.8 hours on 3G and an ample standby of 460 hours.

It runs on Windows Phone 8 and also comes with pre-installed business apps like Adobe acrobat reader and MS Office programs. It sounds like a promising gaming time with the Nokia Lumia 920 with DirectX 11 and Accelerometer, not to mention Xbox-Live Hub allowing access to games and the international gaming community.

Nokia did not forget the basics of a smart phone. It can still be used as your itinerary keeper, your calculator and your window to your social network hub with multiple wireless connectivity options.

Lumia 920 is pretty loaded for a Nokia. How is the Android generation receiving it? Being 65% heavier than iPhone 5 and 40% thicker, how will it indeed fair? Compares to a Nexus 4 whose screen is even larger than Lumia 920 by .2 inches, Lumia’s non-amoled screen still comes out even heavier by 33%.

With its Windows OS, the app selection for Lumia is only around 100,000 while Android has 400,000 and 700,000 for iPhone, excluding the ones shared by Android and Apple. Updates seem to show a tendency to be unreliable as one tester complained noticed. Color definition might have been overpowered by the rest of the superior camera features as pictures come out overly bright. Voice dictation has not been perfected either by Apple or Android. But Lumia tested even weaker than the two voice-activated phones.

In many ways, Lumia 920 is an upgraded, stylish smart phone from the pioneer brand. The app supply will improve over time and there’s always a market for a diverse kind. The future looks brighter for Nokia as when it jumps off from Lumia 920. Besides, nothing in the techie world is ever final.