President Barrack Obama broke a world record on 7th November when his tweet received the greatest number of retweets (over 600,000 times) ever. His record-breaking tweet simply stated “Four more years” and was accompanied by a photo of the president and his wife Michelle Obama in an embrace. This was the first tweet on his official Twitter account after the election results were revealed. In addition, the photo of the president and his wife also broke the record as the most liked photo on Facebook.

Although the election proved to be a tough race for President Obama, it became clear that he would be returning to office for 4 more years. In addition to his record-breaking tweet, the president also thanked those who had supported him. President Obama is one of the very first U.S. heads of state to truly embrace social media; he has over 22 million followers on Twitter alone.

Social Election
Tweets from Obama’s campaign staff were counted among the more than 31 million election-related tweets that were made on this year’s Election Night, making this the event in the country’s political history that has been most tweeted about. Twitter played the significant role of providing a forum for election candidates, the press and pundits to discuss the Election Night events. When the election results were called by various news organizations, conversation on Twitter surged and hit a 327,452 tweets-per-minute peak.

Obama has always used social media to his advantage. He tweeted extensively during his 2008 campaign and throughout his first term as president. Just a few hours before the polls closed, Obama turned to Reddit for a last-minute push to round up support for his re-election. In August, he made headlines when his question-and-answer session overwhelmed the servers running the popular link-sharing site. Registered Reddit users were allowed to ask Obama any question in a threaded stream of comments. The Obama campaign used Twitter at an 8:1 ratio to Mitt Romney.

The election was actually billed as the nation’s first “social election” with 22 percent of the voters telling their followers and friends on social network sites about voting for different candidates or ballot measures. In fact, the need for “sharing” compromised ballot booth privacy, with Instagram users sharing numerous photos of their ballots.

Previous record
The previous Twitter record for the most retweets was held by Justin Bieber, whose condolence tweet “RIP Avalanna. I love you” gathered an impressive 223,000 retweets. Bieber was grieving the death of a young fan, Avalanna Routh, who lost her fight against brain cancer in September.