<em>The internet is a Place of freedom where one can express their views, ideas and other have to accept them without taking any form of regulatory action, Due to internet people use to connect and share their files, views and access whatever they want. This Internet has become the Revolution for a country, consider Egypt and this make the fear in the other Fake Judiciary countries and that fear actually becomes the blocking of important websites. Well we are not here to talk with political language but here I am going to show you some steps and methods to unblock anything on web.

The major effect of this cyber censorship is on the Famous torrent sites. Government blocks this by giving statement that the important files which are premium have been shared for free? So what’s the problem, if someone who thinks that their important files are shared then they can compile a report and submit to their site, why there is need to block complete website.
Well here are some steps and ways to unblock the sites and access them with ease.


A proxy server, as the name suggests, allows you to access website by passing through someone else’s internet connection. It means tunneling through the internet, into another PC somewhere in the world and accessing them using their connection.
To access Proxy Server here are some website that I found on internet which helps you to configure your proxy server. It takes 2 to 3 minutes hardly.

list of proxy

The Above websites are very exclusive and easy to use site. Let me show you one example to using the Proxy Server.

Here i used Vtunnel.com to access web site. Go to Vtunnel.com.

Type the website name which you want to access and click on Begin Browsing. Here  i want to access thepiratebay.com and here we go.


Proxies also come in the form of browser add-ons. This is available from a while in Firefox Add-ons store. Well the method is easy, what you need is to just download the add-ons and install them. Simply search for the proxy add-on, download and install and after that restart the browser. Once it is done you can put a website name that is shown above to automatically login with the proxies. No need to login again when you start the browser. I preferred this way. The add-on is available for the Chrome and Internet Explorer too but Firefox is more convenient.


Google’s caching server often hosts recent copies of websites. This does not actually take you to the website itself, but to a copy of it that Google uses to speed up the searches. To try it, simply go to Google and enter the search term along with “cache:” in the beginning of it. If Google have the cache then it will show you the website. Not a convenient way but we can do this also.


A DNS server is like an index with a list of domain names—such as youtube.com,google.com,mediafire,thepiratbay,kat.ph. When you type any address on the browser and hit enter then your computer first locates and search the request to DNS list which then connect to ISP of that websites. IF the particular DNS blocks a website that is happening in our case then we need to use an alternative DNS which have non-blocking sites list so that you can access your favorite websites with ease.

The Above are the List of DNS server, what you have to do is go to your network properties and change the DNS server to the any one listed above.


Virtual private networks allow you to run your pc as if it were connected to a network anywhere in the world. The System channels data to you through your own ISP, but it is encrypted and highly secure, and paid services thrive by offering unfiltered web access. One of the easy configure VPN is to login to openvpn and install the software. Once it is installed then login with your own user name and password that you used to register a VPN and login with it. That’s all , you have setup your VPN. Enjoy the surfing.

There are the Five recommended and easiest way to unblock anything on web. if you face any difficulty while doing any of these steps do let me know via comments or mail me. Good luck.!