I have tried a windows 8 developer preview and windows 8 consumers preview both on the Virtual machines. Both works fine and specially the Metro Style GUI of Windows 8 attract me more. Now Question comes that whether to use windows 8 as a primary OS on computer or Not. I am using it as my primary OS now and I have some reason for this. The Features and Effects of windows 8 really attract me more and to know everything about it I just make it my primary OS just by overtaking to Windows 7. Now please don’t fear and go for the license and other version, if you really want to experience it then you should try it for the Primary OS or just install it on the secondary partition.

if you have not downloaded the windows 8 consumer preview the read the post given below:

Read:Download Windows 8 consumer preview

This is my outlook, don’t know about you and here are some reasons by which I switch to windows 8 as my primary operating system.

Metro Style Interface in Windows 8:

Basically the Changing of Graphical convention’s in windows 8 is one of the toughest challenges taken by Microsoft. Normally the start menu is one of the core components of windows from its predecessor, all windows operating system includes this, and Windows 8 also have this but not like the previous version. The look and feel of the start menu is completely changed in the windows 8. It’s not like the Menu which pops up when user’s click on the balloon of the famous start menu. And as you know windows 8 consumer preview don’t have the start menu Balloon. I don’t think why they removed it as it was available in the windows 8 developer preview, well apart from it , this looks even good but I feel something is missing when I hover my mouse there.

Windows 8 Metro Tile Interface

Bulk of Apps in Windows 8:

Windows 8 consumer preview redesigned almost each and every app (except word and paint), Media player, image viewer, File reader all have the different look and feel and this is what force me to use windows 8 as my primary OS. I just love the image viewer, silver light controls with the clear interface and same in the case of the video player too. Windows 8 consumer preview already have the PDF file reader preinstalled and lots of apps.

One noticeable point of windows 8 consumer preview is the Browser. Yes the Internet explorer 10 integrated within the windows 8 really works awesome. When I was using this in my laptop I wonder whether it is the clone of the Chrome..!! Yes try it.

Feel something new in windows 8:

As I am the common user of windows and have started using this from Windows 95, till windows 7 I have found lots of similarities especially old start menu and file system. I was feeling kind of boring by using this. But in windows 8 I have feel something new, yes the options, menus and various aspects of the window, icon and specially the new born of start menu makes me impress.

Here see the windows + tab effect.

The “pause” functionality in the copy paste function is really good and useful. The windows + tab have also changed and now the open windows and programs are shifted to left in the Queue. Many other changes are there that you may feel after using it in your computer.

There were some other reason’s too but you see some thing are to be feel not to explain. Better you go for it. Good luck.!