Yahoo Messenger 11.5 updated with bunch of features including new Layout, Chat management System, Update in Facebook Chat and addition of Games and Plugins. Yahoo Messenger 11.5 have better capability in video chat and voice chat and have integration of various accounts apart from Yahoo. After the Release of Facebook Messenger the popularity of Yahoo Messenger Degrades because of the Notification system and other Group chat facilities available in the Facebook Messenger. In Yahoo Messenger 11.5, Yahoo Tries to fill the Gap between the Facilities given in Yahoo Account and other Connections. It have now Notification System which notifies who is online and who is getting Offline in Facebook but Still not a alternative of Facebook Messenger. Here is a Complete Review of Yahoo Messenger 11.5.

First of All download the Application from Yahoo Official Site and install it in your System. The Installation takes a minutes as i am using a Offline installer of Yahoo Messenger. Well Download it from here.

Launch the App , and setup your Yahoo Account, yes to initiate it and to avail all the features of Yahoo Messenger you need to setup the Yahoo Account. Login with your Account and Yahoo Welcomes you.

yahoo messenger 11.5 welcome screen

The Full Screen Video Feature is also integrated in the Yahoo Messenger 11.5 and it works fine in Low and High Resolution System.

Now let’s check out the Facebook Chat Updates. I have added my account in Yahoo Messenger 11.5 and after taking a credentials of Facebook i was able to see the Block of Facebook Chat. To add Just click on Add Facebook Account and give your login information and Your account will be added and you will be able to see your Facebook Friends. Yes Confirmation will pop up after successful integration of Facebook Account.

What’s New in Yahoo Messenger 11.5

The Major Change is in the Facebook Chat System. Some of them are listed below:

  • View a Profile of the User.
  • Profile Photo Access.
  • Send an Attachment through Yahoo Chat box.
  • Send a Screenshot of your Screen via Chat box.
  • Smileys, Voice Media Integration.
  • Chat to Facebook Friend through Yahoo Chat Box and yes in the Full Screen Mode.
  • Voice Chat availability in Facebook Chat.

In Facebook Messenger the Notification in the Desktop was really appreciative and mostly People like that only, Yahoo tries to do a notification in yahoo messenger 11.5part of that. Yes in Yahoo Messenger you will get the Notification in the Desktop about the Happening in Facebook but yes That happening is limited to notifying about the Status of availability of Friends i.e. Offline and Online.

if your friend list is quite large [like me] then you might get frustrated cause of instance notification in your Desktop.

Another update in yahoo messenger 11.5 is the Profile view System , when you hover your mouse to any Facebook Friends there should be one small pop up windows comes with the option of View Profile in Facebook. But Still you can’t send message offline as you are able to do in the Facebook Messenger.

Apart from Facebook there is a update in Plugin integration, you can play a game in your Desktop by using Yahoo Messenger 11.5 and can also able to add the new extension in your Yahoo Messenger. And when you play any game , Yahoo Messenger ask you about your status update.

yahoo messenger status ask

Apart from these Major changes, Yahoo focuses on Look and Feel and the Layout of Yahoo Messenger 11.5. There is an option to change your theme according to your choice. There is some inbuilt skins available and you can add more.

theme in the yahoo messenger

Conclusively i can Yahoo tries a lot to defend their position in Chat management system and their work must be appreciated but there seems lot of thins left to update and what should be that are listed below:

  • More Deep integration of Facebook is needed.
  • Notification should be updated.
  • Explore section to find more friends in Yahoo should be needed to make people to come back in Yahoo Chat as they were doing it before.

Hope you like the review of Yahoo Messenger 11.5.  i need your opinion and feedback, do it via comments or contact me. Good luck.