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15 Best Sites like 123movies – 123Movies Alternatives In 2022


Sites like 123movies are some of the most popular venues for streaming HD movies online for free. The portal is not only restricted to 123movies reddit movies; it also allows users to watch the most recent television episodes without having to register. As a result, you can guess how user-friendly the platform is and why it is so websites like 123movies or 123movies alternative popular options.

What Happened to 123movies.com?

123movies official website is not working due to massive load. However, the platform has lately stopped working due to some complex challenges and security concerns, forcing users to migrate to a 123 movies alternatives rival platform with similar functionality. It can be tough for a newbie to find an alternative to 123movies, so we have movie sites like 123movies that provided a list of alternatives to assist all such sites similar to 123movies customers.

What is 123Movies?

123Movies app, GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, and 123MoviesHub were all websites that streamed movies from Vietnam. Streaming movies without the owner’s permission is unlawful, which is why the Motion Picture Association sites like 123movies of America (MPAA) named 123Movies as the world’s most popular illegal movie streaming website in March 2018. The network is still alive, according to reports, via clone and websites like 123movies proxy sites.

This website is user-friendly because it has a simple and straightforward interface. When it comes to video quality, there are few websites that can match it. Aside from videos and movies, this site has a variety of television shows 123movies alternatives Reddit in stock, which you can find by searching for them. The site is also well-organized, so you won’t have any trouble finding sites similar to 123movies app or movies of your choice.

100% Working Proxies of 123 Movies/ 123movies Unblocked Sites

No. Proxy Sites Speed
1. https://to123movies.com/ Very Fast
2. https://123movies.unblocker.cc/ Very Fast
3. https://123movies.land/ Fast
4. https://ww.123movies.sc/ Fast
5. https://www.123movies.design/ Very Fast
6. https://123movies.mx/ Fast
7. https://123movies.tax Fast
8. https://123movies.tax Fast
9. https://123movie.mn/ Fast
10. https://www.123moviesla.com/ Very Fast
11. https://123movies4u.cz/ Very Fast
12. https://123movies.fun/ Fast
13. https://123movies.men/ Fast
14. https://123movies.tax Very Fast
15. https://123movies.best/ Very Fast
16. https://123movie.cc/ Fast
17. http://123movies.unblockall.org/ Fast
18. https://123movies.gallery/ Fast
19. https://is123movies.site/ Fast
20. https://123movie.page/ Fast
21. https://123movies.properties/ Very Fast
22. https://is123moviesfree.com/ Fast

The Best 123movies Alternative Websites

1. Streamog


Another site that uses the same interface as Netflix is Streamog. If you have a Netflix addiction, you can indulge it here. However, Streamog’s appealing user interface isn’t the only thing it has to offer. Streamog, one of the best alternatives to sites like 123movies Voirfilms, has a massive collection of amazing french movies that span multiple genres. Streaming has something valuable to offer you, regardless of websites like 123movies your movie preferences: a long list of movies in your favorite genre. Fans of TV shows are not left out.

2. iceFilms

Ice Films - 123Movies alternativesTo be honest, the ice flicks webpage isn’t really appealing. So, you might be wondering why it’s ranked third. The solution is the wide range of film genres offered here. There is a separate trending now option that 123movies alternative reddit displays the most popular series among users. Furthermore, regardless of video quality, it will not buffer if you have a sites like 123movies reasonable internet connection movie sites like 123movies downloader speed.

3. Vumoo

Vumoo - 123Movies Alternatives

Vumoo is an excellent streaming platform for watching free movies online and downloading them without having to create an account. After sites like 123movies looking at all of the 123movies alternatives, we have come to the conclusion that Vumoo is the best option thus far. In fact, you’ll be shocked to learn that websites like the 123movies platform’s graphical user interface is significantly more appealing than 123movies’.

4. FMovies

FMovies - Alternatives of 123movies

Fmovies is ranked fourth on the list. There are a wealth of fantastic films in this section that can successfully attract a large 123 movies alternatives audience. Although most websites offer HD or Ultra HD video streaming, subtitles are not available for some content. Whereas, regardless of the film, there is no such restriction sites similar to 123movies on subtitles here.

5. 123 Go Stream

123 Go Stream - 123Movies Alternatives

As you can see, the name sounds a lot like 123movies. You’ll be relieved to learn that the features, as well as the content, are nearly identical. The best thing about this platform is its unique layout, which is simple enough for even websites like 123movies novice to understand. This website also has a large number of filters that improve the user’s search movie sites like 123movies experience.

6. VexMovies


You may also watch movies on VexMovies, which is a high-quality site. It is regarded as the best option for 123Movies due to the websites like 123movies high quality of the films available. The best part is that none of these films contain advertisements, which are frequent in most of them. Furthermore, you have the option of changing the resolution to 1080P. It’s also fantastic because it’s compatible with a variety of mobile 123movies Reddit devices. This means you can view movies on your Android, Windows, and Apple phones without any problems.

7. Show Box

Show Box - Alternative of 123movies

When it comes to online movie or web series streaming, flexibility is crucial. Keep in mind that the Show Box is extremely adaptable. Some websites like 123movies of its features are eerily similar to those found on YouTube. There are three distinct characteristics. You have three options: first, you can watch it on the website; second, you sites similar to 123movies can download it; and third, you can save it on the server to movie sites like 123movies watch later.

8. Solar Movies

SolarMovie - Best Alternatives of 123movies

As we all know, the interface is the first thing that a user notices, followed by the layout. Solar movies are extremely user-friendly and simple to utilize. It includes a detailed step-by-step guide for consumers to follow in order to 123 movies alternatives download movies using a shortcut approach.

9. Niter

Niter - 123movies alternatives

This website is incredibly well-organized and far more complex than other 123movies alternatives for streaming HD movies online for free sites similar to 123movies without the need to register or sign up. Most websites may either deliver a good quality video with buffering or a bad quality movie without buffering, but here you will get both movie sites like 123movies benefits at once.

10. C Movies


It is one of the most popular 123movies alternatives. The quality is unaffected in any way. This website has never disappointed its 123 movies alternatives users. The following is a list of content sorted by IMDb rating.

11. Go Movies

gomovies - Similar websites like 123movies

In layman’s terms, Go Movies is basically an improved version of 123Movies. The reason for addressing it as such is because of its sites similar to 123movies efficient layout, which includes a massive collection of enthralling web series based on the user’s experience.

12. Watch Movies Free

Watch Movies Free - 123movies alternatives

One of the most aesthetically appealing alternatives is to view movies for free. It offers a fantastic user interface and layout that gives the 123 movies alternatives user a good notion of the product’s quality. The website is routinely maintained and updated, which is one of the main reasons for its widespread adoption by large movie sites like 123movies number of users.

13. FlixTor


This is the place to go to watch the most recent movies on the internet. You do not have to pay anything to watch these movies because you can download them and start watching them right away. You can also watch movies right on the website. They have the most recent movies and television shows available for free. There is no need for movie sites like 123movies to register in order to watch them.

14. SeedHD


Free movies and fascinating television shows can be found on the internet. This website is very new, but it is already a leader in the field.

They’re made to provide you with a variety of programs, and the streaming quality is among the greatest in the market. It creates a list of sites similar to 123movies since it contains all of the features that you used to enjoy with 123Movies. You do not need to provide your payment card information to watch their films. There are various movie sites like 123movies of genres to choose from.

15. Zmovies

This is one of the top 123Movies alternatives. The site is well worth your time and is entirely free. If you’re looking for a free site where you can view the most recent and interesting movies, this is the place to go. They may boast of having movie sites like 123movies the best movie availability and a large number of movie databases on the market.

Final Words

Because of its vast movie database, 123Movies is one of the best movie sites in the world. When you visit the site, you will never be bored watching different types of videos because there is so much to choose from. You can watch any of the alternatives listed above if you can’t get access to that channel. These were premium sites with a variety of genres of material.