The best free personal website templates for displaying your portfolio, CV, vCard, or brand in epic style. These templates are fully editable and ready to take your personal brand website to new heights. And if you’ve never heard of any of them, be prepared to be astounded by their high standards.

We have a large number of free Bootstrap-based personal and online CV website templates at your disposal, with many more on the way. Keep in mind that whatever you enjoy can be easily improved and tailored to your own needs. Meaning, don’t limit yourself in any way and be as creative and artistic as you want with your site presence. Most crucial, persuade your potential clients and employers that your talent is irresistible.

32 Best Personal Website Templates Free In 2023

1. Buckkinnear

BuckKinnear is the best copywriter website template for all aspiring writers. Start with this creative site canvas if you want to expand your audience and grow your business.

2. Knuford

You may wow and wow all your potential clients with a one-page personal website template like Knuford. You can boost your potential right away with a robust and attention-getting page.

3. Schmidt

Schmidt is an attention-grabbing website template for developers that will assist you in raising your potential. With its distinct yet clean and minimal look, you will present your services and projects online in the best possible light.

4. Space

Striking, clean, and minimal, these are the characteristics of Space, a modern free Ajax portfolio website template. Also, Space is an ideal solution if you are looking to build a single-page website.

5. Meetme

Meetme, a modern and mobile-ready free personal website template, is the perfect moment to create your own online presence. Make a positive impression on the internet and you’ll be able to attract new customers.

6. PersonalPortfolio

Template for a resume in Bootstrap. Personal portfolio is a free portfolio website template that is modern, creative, and responsive. It allows you to create a remarkable web presence regardless of your professional endeavor.

7. Clyde

Clyde, a free one-page portfolio website template, can help you create a distinctive online presence. This outstanding and eye-catching web design will make it much easier for you to gain the attention of potential clients.

8. Unfold

If you are looking to make a strong and lasting impact, Unfold is the free one-page portfolio HTML website template to consider. With its dark and creative appearance, everyone visiting your website will be hooked on it immediately.

9. Melan

Melan is a stunning free personal profile website template for anyone looking to create a memorable online presence. Make a difference today if you want to promote your services, projects, and other details to a larger audience.

10. Gilb

With Gilb, a free Bootstrap CV website template, you can take your skills and expertise to a whole new level. You may now portray yourself on the web in the best possible light, attracting everyone’s attention right away, thanks to the tool.

11. Clark

With a website based on Clark, a free one-page resume website template, you may inspire your potential clients. Because of the stylish and sophisticated dark layout, the tool instantly sets you apart from the crowd.

12. Amplify

Setting up your online presence will be a breeze with the excellent Amplify, a free one-page agency website template. It works just as well for freelancers.

13. Elen

Elen is the go-to free personal blog website template you should choose if you’re starting your own blog. Start a network of devoted fans and watch your business grow.

14. Opium

Opium is the free HTML personal blog website template you need if you really want to stand out from the crowd. Your content will be enjoyed by all who read it and skim it.

15. Noah

Noah is a fantastic free personal landing page website template with an eye-catching and appealing style. Push yourself, market your skills, let the world know what you’re good at, and you’ll succeed.

16. Resume

If you’re a creative professional, Resume’s free online CV and resume website template will come in handy. Furthermore, not just freelancers, job seekers, and everyone else who wants to stand out from the crowd should create a page right away.

17. Five Star

Five Star is a fullscreen website template made for painters, craftsmen, actors, musicians, dancers, tattoo artists, and other creatives.

18. Suppablog

Suppablog is a super blog template, as the name suggests. It’s simple, yet it has a well-crafted design that will help your blog stand out among the crowd. Take advantage of the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind, attention-getting blog.

19. Ilene berg

Ilene Berg is a stunning fullscreen website template that’s perfect for resumes, portfolios, and vCard websites. Photographers, freelancers, developers, painters, musicians, and other creatives are among those who will benefit from it.

20. Maze

Maze is a stunning personal portfolio website template that is entirely free to use. This free vCard template can be used as a portfolio, résumé, or a hybrid of the two.

21. CVPortfolio

Create a personal page with CVPortfolio’s free online CV and portfolio website template to stand out from the crowd. Creating a personal website is nearly a need if you want to stand out from the crowd.

22. Book

You’ve come to the proper location to finish the big announcement with Book, a free website template that will astound everyone. Not only will you amaze them, but you’ll also persuade them to buy your book, whether it’s in print or digital form.

23. Civic

It’s time to showcase yourself online using Civic’s free Bootstrap resume website template after years of expertise and polishing your talent. Create a one-of-a-kind and personalized web place for your CV instantly and for free.

24. Personify

Personify includes everything you’ll need to create a one-of-a-kind personal/VCard website. The template features a split-screen site design, with one half dedicated to your content and the other to your image.

25. Kenedy

All you need is Kenedy, a smart and free responsive personal website template, to effectively represent oneself online. Get your name out there and you’ll be able to attract more customers.

26. Mona

Mona, a fantastic free model portfolio website template, is a great place to start with your agency idea. Take advantage of the ready-to-use web design and everything it has to offer.

27. Louie

Get your hands on the Louie free photographer website template if you want to broaden your reach. Do things the proper way and you’ll reach the eleventh level of potential.

28. Evans

Evans, a free designer portfolio website template, makes making a good first impression a snap. It cordially welcomes all visitors to your creative world with its appealing web design.

29. Niko

Niko is a fantastic free one-page resume website template that will come in handy for freelancers and job seekers alike. It’s only a matter of taking action to make your ideal website a reality.

30. Cruise

With a free technology business website template like Cruise, you can get started on your online presence right away. Create a page that will move like a pro in the digital world.

31. Plataforma

Plataforma is a free business conference website template that is smooth, clean, and professional in appearance. Make a good first impression on all of your site visitors, sell tickets, and increase your potential.

32. Jony

Jony, while creating an online CV, choose a free dark personal website template to make it stand out. It’s a stunning and up-to-date page canvas that you can start using right now.


A personal website makes it much easier for recruiters to find your work and projects. A person gains a competitive advantage by having a personal website. Having a personal website can help to find jobs and projects. A personal website allows you to express yourself freely.

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