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Although research indicates that the relationship between brain training apps or brain traning games and improved cognitive function is complicated, brain training games may help improve your memory, response time, and logic skills. Secondly, if you want to work memory game apps out your brain while having fun, try these brain training apps and games. In addition, they may help you improve your mental focus and fitness.

People of all ages have been looking for brain training apps to help them improve their mental functioning, response time, and logic skills. Indeed, studies show that playing brain memory training apps can help improve mental agility and prevent brain ageing. Every day, new brain teaser apps appear in the App Store and Google Play store, claiming to improve memory and concentration, raise IQ, or improve other cognitive skills.

However, some brain exercise apps claim to improve IQ levels and have a positive impact on people suffering from mental illnesses such as dementia or bipolar disorder. Millions of adults devote time each week to playing the latest memory and brain training apps. Moreover, adults use these brain-training apps for a few minutes a day to improve memory, concentration, and organizational skills through practice and repetition.

We’ve compiled a list of the best brain training apps free and memory game apps for Android and iOS. Read our review of the best brain game apps for adults and kids and select the one that appeals to you the most.

Best Free Brain Training Apps 2022

Here is a list of the best brain training apps for adults to help you improve your mental fitness and challenge your working memory.

#1. Eidetic



The Eidetic app is a free brain software that employs a method known as spaced repetition to assist you in memorising everything from crucial memory game apps phone digits to interesting words or facts. Eidetic focuses on a single faculty: memory.

Furthermore, Eidetic employs a flash card-style technique memory training apps to assist users in memorising everything from notes, lists, phone numbers, quotes, and other valuable real-world applications. However, Users simply pick the intensity of memory training, ranging from one-day cramfests to a more moderate weekly period. Eidetic brain exercises app notifications remind you when it’s time to test yourself, spacing out tests over time to ensure you keep the information free memory game apps in long-term memory.

#2. Lumosity

Luminosity Mind training apps-Lifehack

This popular programme is divided into sessions of three games memory game apps according to your objectives: memory, attention, problem solving, processing speed, or thinking flexibility. However, The games are played against the memory training apps clock and are different each time. According to the developers, just one session each day can improve brain exercises app mental skills. The users can track their development and compare their performance to others.

#3. CogniFit Brain Fitness

cognifit-Mind Training Apps-Lifehack

This popular programme is divided into sessions of three games according to your objectives: memory, attention, problem solving, processing speed, or thinking flexibility. Moreover, The games are played against the clock. These are different memory training apps each time. According to the developers, just one session each day brain exercises app can improve mental skills. The users can track their development and compare their performance to others.

#4. Happify

Happify-Mind Training Apps-Lifehack

How can you train your brain to be happier? Yes, studies demonstrate that certain activities improve your ability to overcome memory game apps negative thoughts, express gratitude, manage with stress, and empathise – all of which are necessary ingredients for a richer, happier existence. Furthermore, The app’s quizzes, polls, and gratitude journal, together with a positive community, progressively educate life-changing habits based on memory training apps. The basics of positive psychology, which involve focusing on the strengths and virtues that enable individuals to create satisfying lives.

#5. Personal Zen

personal zen- mind training apps - lifehack

As they burrow through a field of rustling grass, players follow two animated figures, one of whom appears calm and pleasant and the memory training apps other hostile. Secondly, Dennis and academics from Hunter College and the City University of New York created this game to lessen anxiety by training your brain. To focus more on the good and less on free memory game apps the bad.

#6. Brain Trainer Special

Fit Brains Trainer Mind training apps-Lifehack

Firstly, This Android software, like Lumosity, features games memory game apps that require you to memorise letter sequences, phone numbers. Various math problems in order to keep your mind in tip-top shape. Lastly, Difficulty levels range from easy to mind-bendingly free memory game apps difficult.

#7. Peak




Firstly, Peak is another app-only alternative (available for iOS and Android) that offers brain games to help you improve your focus, memory, problem-solving skills, mental agility, and other cognitive processes. In addition, If you’re a competitive type, knowing how you memory training apps compare against other users may encourage you. Lastly, The software is free to use. But a low-cost subscription unlocks additional free memory game apps capabilities.

#8. NeuroNation



The NeuroNation app specialises on brain and memory training, producing and providing a variety of scientifically supported online courses that may brain exercises app help increase concentration, memory recall, and cognitive speed. Furthermore, This programme analyses your skills and potentials and generates a personalised training plan for you, with 27 activities on 250 levels to keep your mind occupied for years. NeuroNation Premium provides you with a comprehensive training programme that includes new exercises and courses. You can train online on their website and with the NeuroNation app if you free memory game apps have a Premium Membership.

#9. Memorado



Memorado contains 24 brain-training games and over 700 levels, which will keep you entertained for years. These games improve your memory, concentration, and cognitive abilities. And these aren’t your memory training apps average video games. Moreover, These are completely produced, scientifically supported games that brain exercises app have resulted in a 76 percent improvement in users’ IQs throughout the 39 nations where this app is used.

#10. Elevate



Elevate is a free brain training app that guides you through a customised training programme. To increase your focus, cognitive abilities, and processing speed. There are over forty games here that improve everything from memory training apps productivity to self-esteem. This brain-training programme offers a brain exercises app simple user interface It is suitable for people of all ages. However, Continued usage of this programme will improve your communication skills as well as your math, reading, writing, listening, and free memory game apps other skills.

#11. ReliefLink

Relief Link - Mind Training Apps - Lifehack

Firstly, Originally designed as a suicide prevention software. It has found use as a wonderful app for tracking. The user’s mood by measuring everything relevant to the user’s mental health. If the user is under a lot of brain exercises app emotional stress. Moreover, The app features a coping mechanism that includes voice-recorded mindfulness, exercises, and relaxing music. Furthermore, There is also a map that shows the user the location of the nearest therapist free memory game apps and medical facility for mental health therapy.


Best free brain training apps serve a function, making them necessary apps for everyone to have on their mobile devices. As previously said, there are thousands of apps available, not just the ten we’ve listed in our list. This is essentially our top 11 list. It should serve as a starting point for you to select the ideal software to download. Brain-training apps do not even have to be used on your device. They’ve been there long enough for everyone to be aware of their existence. Proof? Pick up a newspaper and go to the comics section; you’re sure to discover a crossword puzzle or something.

In addition, All of these brain training apps exist to provide you with something to do while also sharpening your intellect. It’s only that the digital era has made it more accessible to people like you and me. Nowadays, everyone has a mobile device and access to a network. Furthermore, the next time you’re contemplating whether to download a game or something more beneficial. Lastly, Think about acquiring best brain training apps.