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Destiny 2 Memory Of Sai Mota Guide In 2022

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To begin the task, Eris’ weekly bounty, “Lunar Spelunker,” must first be received. To do so, simply approach Eris and take one of her bounty items. Part of the prize involves completing three lost sectors and collecting the contents of the chests associated with them. Even though you don’t have to complete them in that order, destiny 2 here’s how to do it.

What is Destiny 2?

To complete the lost sector transaction, you must visit three of the four K1 lost sectors, namely K1 Communion, Crew Quarters, and Logistics. Destiny 2 Seasons You’ll get a point toward achieving the objective if you defeat the bosses in each of these lost sectors, and you’ll receive a Firewall Data Fragment as a reward.

After finishing Destiny 2 Seasons: Shadowkeep’s main story, you’ll be able to access a handful of endgame tasks. These endgame missions require you to complete specific events in order to acquire new weapons and armor. The Memory of Sai Mota is one of the missions you’ll be able to complete. Our Memory of Sai Mota guide will show you how to complete this quest.

Despite the fact that Destiny 2 Vault: Beyond Light has been out for a while, players may still be interested in checking out the earlier expansions. Guardians were investigating the dark reaches of the Moon in Shadowkeep before the Beyond Light upgrade. The Memory of Sai Mota quest is one such mission, and it leads to some good prizes. However, the steps for this job in Destiny 2 can be difficult.

The first step in completing this quest is to complete the expansion’s campaign missions. Shadowkeep has a small number of Destiny 2 Vault quests, therefore players will likely complete it soon. Return to Eris Morn after completing the campaign. She is the NPC for the Moon Destination, and she is stationed at the area’s primary landing zone. Speak with her and take Lunar with you.

Destiny 2 Region Chests

Destiny 2 region chests are special golden chests found hidden throughout various destinations in the game. They contain rare gear and other rewards, making them valuable for players of all levels.

There are a total of 48 region chests available in Destiny 2, spread across the following destinations:

  1. Earth: The Cosmodrome (6 chests), European Dead Zone (6 chests)
  2. Moon: The Moon (6 chests)
  3. Dreaming City: The Dreaming City (6 chests)
  4. Tangled Shore: The Tangled Shore (6 chests)
  5. Nessus: Nessus (6 chests)
  6. Leviathan: The Leviathan (6 chests)

Destiny 2 Dreaming City

To find a region chest, you’ll need to explore the destination carefully and look for hidden areas or off-the-beaten-path locations. Once you find a chest, you’ll need to defeat the enemies guarding it before you can open it.

The rewards you get from a region chest will vary depending on your level and the destination where you found it. However, they always include a rare piece of gear, as well as some other resources such as Glimmer and planetary materials.

Here are some tips for finding region chests in Destiny 2:

  1. Use a guide or map to help you find the chests. There are many resources available online that show the locations of all the region chests in the game.
  2. Pay attention to your surroundings. Region chests are often hidden in out-of-the-way places, so be sure to explore every nook and cranny.
  3. Listen for audio cues. Some region chests make a distinctive sound when you get close to them.
  4. Use your Ghost to scan for nearby chests. Your Ghost can sometimes detect hidden chests, even if you can’t see them yourself.

With a little effort, you should be able to find all of the region chests in Destiny 2 and reap the rewards they offer.

What do you get from the Memory of Sai Mota questline?

The Memory questline Destiny 2 classes is the start of the Deathbringer Exotic questline and gives you more information about Sai’s bond with Eris. It also drops A Fine Memorial, a weapon.

Where do I get the Memory of Sai Mota quest?

After completing the Shadowkeep campaign missions, you can begin the Memories of Sai Mota Quest from Eris.

The memory of Sai Mota

There was a great conflict between the Hive, ancient creatures governed by a terrible Sword Logic, before our Guardian ever set foot on the moon. They dug deep into the rock with their master, prince Crota. However, Destiny 2 twitter as soon as the Vanguard learned of this, an expedition was dispatched to cleanse the Moon of the Hive.

History, on the other hand, has a habit of taking darker turns. Wei Ning would take center stage as the impetus for a terrible retribution tale among the many deceased Guardians who were a part of the carnage on Mare Ibrium. The mighty Titan was killed by Crota’s sword, and her lover, Eriana-3 of the Praxic Order, resolved to avenge Wei right there and then.

Hunters Eris Morn, Sai Mota, and Omar Agah, as well as lone Titan Vell Tarlowe and fellow Warlock Toland, form a fireteam. They all fell one by one, starting with Vell and ending with Eriana, but not Eris. After being resurrected 43 times by her Ghost, Yuga, the Bladedancer Sai met her end in the Pit of Heresy beneath the surface of the Moon to Omnigul, the Will of Crota. Memory of Sai Mota begins after you’ve completed the Shadowkeep campaign, with the Guardian dispelling the First Crota Fireteam’s nightmares and evoking Eris’ memory.

Lunar Spelunker

To begin the quest, one must first receive Eris’ weekly bounty, “Lunar Spelunker.” To do so, simply approach Eris and pick it up from her available bounty. Completing three lost sectors and collecting the contents of the chests associated with them is part of the prize. Here’s how to finish each one, even though you don’t have to accomplish them in that order.

You go visit three of the four K1 lost sectors, notably K1 Communion, Crew Quarters, and Logistics, to complete the lost sector transaction. Defeating the bosses in each of these lost sectors earns you a point toward completing the objective, and you’ll receive a Firewall Data Fragment as a reward.


You’ll need to take the Firewall Data Fragment to the K1 Revelation, the final K1 missing sector. You can now skip all of the adversaries in this area, as they are unimportant to the goal, and proceed straight to the missing sector’s final crystal segment. There’s a broken ledge on the right that leads to a bunker there. Opening the bunker door will deplete the Firewall Data Fragment, allowing you to enter and collect Sai Mota’s necklace.

Reforging the Necklace

The Destiny 2 review mission will require you to collect the necklace’s scraps in order to refabricate it, so your work isn’t done yet. Simply kill significant (yellow bar) foes everywhere on the moon, and the necklace will be complete before you know it. A significant enemy will give you two scraps, while a boss will give you three. Keep in mind that the task only demands you to use Arc powers to kill them.

Reuniting Old Friends

After completing the necklace, return to Eris via the portal into the Enduring Abyss and speak with her (you must listen to her), collecting the Machine Gun, A Fine Memorial, and the Exotic Quest for the Deathbringer. The mission has come to an end.

Eris understands that the necklace was crafted by Sai and that the phantoms she’s been seeing aren’t members of the First Crota Fireteam, but rather demonic and memory violations. She accepts and thanks to you for your gift, assuring you that Destiny 2 review Sai has finally found peace.


We hope that this Memories of Sai Mota Destiny 2 classes guide assisted you in completing the quest and provided some context for the story that lies beneath this seemingly simple task. However, Sai Mota’s death was not in vain, since we went on to defeat and destroy the Will of Crota in The Scarlet Keep, a strike mission.
Sai was a gifted, quiet, and clever Hunter with a strong desire for vengeance. She didn’t say much except when making toasts, as Eris mentions. Eris learned how to manufacture beads with a knife from Sai, who was one of the first members of the First Crota Fireteam. Eris and the Bladedancer were shown to have a tight relationship.