Best Free XML to Excel Converter
XML to Excel Converter

XML to Excel Converter-The XML to Excel Converter formats are good for exporting and exchanging data because most software can read them.

However, there is a downside to using this XML to Excel Converter. Consumers can’t do statistical analysis with them. To do statistical analysis, users must first input the data into the data analysis software. In this article, you will come to know about some free XML to Excel Converter

Best Free XML to Excel Converter

There are several XML to Excel Converter available that will allow you to convert your file from XML to Excel Convertert. The below-mentioned XML to Excel Converter works in a pretty straightforward manner.

1. Easy XML Converter

This is the name of an easy XML to Excel Converter that lets you change XML files into other formats than Excel. It’s free and easy to use. This method enables you to easily and rapidly convert the XML to Excel Converter to a variety of different sizes.

There is a help screen that explains the relationships between the tables or elements.

2. Adept XML to XLS Conversion Wizard

The Adept XML to XLS Conversion Wizard is a powerful yet simple-to-use tool for converting XML to any data format. This programme has a command-line interface that lets you use a text editor and an XML conversion tool.

It is a sophisticated XML editing programme that enables you to convert your files to the XLS format.

3. XLS to XML

XLS to XML is a cross-platform portable programme that converts XML files to XLS files and vice versa. Except for Java, no further software is required.

One of the best things about this converter is that it has a simple interface that only has the most basic settings and tools.

4. XML to XLS

XML to XLS: Free Online Converter is a web-based file conversion system that offers its customers a variety of file conversion options.

This XML to Excel Converter has an infinite number of file conversion possibilities. The best part is that it provides options prior to converting the XML file to XLS due to its online format.

5. XML Converter Standard Edition 

As soon as it’s set up, the XML Converter Standard Edition can convert data that has been saved in an XML file to data that has been saved in an XLS file.

This software enables you to convert your data to XLS format. The data can be expanded and greatly improved in terms of flexibility and usability. Along with XLS, it supports a variety of additional Microsoft Office formats.

6. Convert XML Files to Excel Files (XLS) Online

Convert XML File to Excel File (XLS) Online is the greatest online XML to Excel Converter available on the internet, monitored by conversion tools that provide users with a variety of file conversion possibilities.

This is a very important tool for people who use XML to convert their XML files to Excel.


ZAMZAR XLS to XML is a free web-based tool made by ZAMZAR that lets you convert a lot of different types of files.

If you want to convert an XLS file to an XML file without downloading and installing any software, this is the simplest and most convenient way to do it.

8. JSON XML to Excel Online Conversion

JSON XML to Excel Online Conversion is a web-based application that allows you to convert XML files to Excel and XLS. As an online tool, it is accessible via any web browser.

It supports three types of conversion: text, file, and URL. All of them provide additional conversion choices. The user must type the XML in the XML box and choose an appropriate format, like XLS, when they choose text.

9. Advanced XML Converter

The Advanced XML Converter is a simple-to-use converter that transforms XML files into different formats, most notably XLS.

This converter’s powerful conversion mechanism enables you to convert XML to a variety of different document and database formats, including XLS, CSV, HTML, and DBF. After uploading the file, click the convert button to convert it.

10.  XML to Excel Converter

The XML to Excel Converter is a document converter that converts XML documents to Excel-compatible formats. After converting the file, users can open it in any spreadsheet application, such as MS Excel or another.

11. is a free, cross-platform, web-based XML to XLS converter. Additionally, it facilitates the conversion of a variety of different file types.

However, XLS takes precedence. As a cross-platform application, it is widely accessible on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

12. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most often used Excel file editing application. However, it may also be used to convert an XML file to an XLS file.

In addition, Microsoft Excel lets you look at and change XML files before you convert them to XLS or XLSX format. In addition, it can change XML files into PDF, CSV, HTML, and TXT files.

13. File2data

File2data is an extremely handy programme for editing and converting files. It enables the editing of XML files prior to converting them to Excel format. It converts XML files to Excel format with ease.

Simply open an XML file, pick Excel Microsoft as the export format, input the file’s name, and click on the Go button in the bottom right corner of its interface.

14. XMLFox

XMLFox is an XML editor and converter. It is a pretty little piece of software, yet it has a large number of XML editing and conversion functions.

It is an extremely small piece of software, with a setup file that is less than 2 MB in size. Its setup file is less than 16 MB in size.

15. Swift XML2Excel

You can use Swift XML2Excel to convert XML files into Excel spreadsheets. It’s the simplest app on this list. In this case, it is the simplest because its only job is to convert XML files to Excel format.

To convert an XML file to Excel format, just open the XML file and save it as an Excel file. It has a simple interface and is the only app on our list that can be used on the go.


All of this XML to Excel Converter makes it simple to convert XML to the XLS or XLSX formats. The users can decide whether the whole XML file or just a part of it should be turned into a spreadsheet. Each of the XML to Excel Converter on this page has a different set of features and functionality. Some are limited to simple functions, while others include extensive tools and settings.