Kamisato Ayato

Who is Genshin Impact’s Kamisato Ayato?

Most of the players in Genshin Impact are familiar with Kamisato Ayato. He is the Kamisato ayaka Clan’s leader and is the sleek Hydro character that you may be familiar with. He is the commissioner of Yashiro and the brother of Kamisato Ayaka. He is well-known among game enthusiasts for being a huge aficionado of all things boba.

He has silky blue hair with big bangs on one side, which may help you identify him based on appearance. He is dressed in a black suit with white and blue accents. Ayato also frequently uses a sword. If you’ve played him previously, you know it’s preferable to use him as your main DPS. Because he has so many different skills, you can also use him as a burst support character.

Kamisato Ayato

How Can Kamisato Ayato Be Acquired on Genshin Impact?

Ayato must first be acquired before we can learn how to build him. Making an Ayato build is pointless if you don’t already have the character. Having stated that, how does one get Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact? Making a wish will grant you Ayato’s character, like most others. However, because he is a 5-star character, you only have a 0.6% chance of drawing him. Therefore, you will need to collect several Primogems to do so. Fortunately, once you’ve granted 89 wishes, a 5-star character is assured.

If Ayato is not granted to you by the 90th wish, you will have to make 180 further wishes to obtain him. If you want a sure draw, it will cost you around 28,800 primogems. If you lose 50/50, you also receive a grace that ensures a featured 5-star banner character. Unfortunately, his event, which lasted from March 30 to April 19, 2022, has already come to an end with Genshin Impact 2.6. MiHoYo hasn’t said anything yet about when the banner of Kamisato Ayato will be back.

Skills and Talents of Kamisato Ayato

Kamisato Normal Attack-Marobashi

Your standard attacks will be rather easy to execute with an Ayato build. Ayato has the quickness to hit opponents up to five times in a row. You will do an iai and lose a certain amount of stamina if you use a charged attack. As a result, Ayato is able to hit the ground beneath him as a result of assaults that are launched from midair. As a consequence, when you land, you will deal AoE damage to surrounding foes on the route.

Kyouka Kamisato’s Elemental Art

Ayato’s character will move and enter Takimeguri Kanka upon using his elemental skill. He leaves a watery illusion that will detonate on adjacent foes from his initial position after switching places.This is the nature of Ayato’s AoE Hydro damage. Now that Ayato is at Takimeguri Kanka, a number of events take place. To begin, he will quickly attack opponents with Shunsuiken.Then, his regular assaults will change into irreversible AoE hydro damage.

You will experience the Namisen effect after using Shunsuiken on an adversary. By using your maximum HP, this increases the damage your Shunsuiken attacks can do. Your initial stack limit will be four Namisen. Additionally, each time you use Shunsuiken for 0.1 seconds, you’ll add one stack. However, after Takimeguri Kanka is finished, the impact will fade. Takimeguri Kanka also increases your tolerance to interruptions.

However, when you enter this state, you are unable to use charged or diving strikes. You can halt Takimeguri Kanka by leaving the field. Akimiguri Kanka will also be reset if you use Kyouka again, even if you were already in that condition. Because of its strength, the Elemental Skill is the best investment for an Ayato build.This is so because, like Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Burst, his Elemental Skill has a specific scale that is separate from regular assaults.

Elemental Burst by Suiyuu Kamisato

Suiyuu from Kamisato’s Elemental Burst Art is effective at damaging several foes at once. By using it, a garden of purity will be revealed, providing an area where Bloomwater Blades can fall. Once it occurs, the blades will begin to deal hydro damage to opponents inside the AoE. Additionally, this occurrence increases the AoE members’ regular attack damage. Because of this, you may use your Ayato build as a burst support character.

Passive Ability

Three passive talents are available to you with an Ayato build. The first option is to employ “Kamisato Art: Daily Cooking.” This increases the likelihood that, after following a recipe exactly, you may receive an extra “suspect” meal of a similar sort. In the meantime, after using the “Kamisato Art: Kiyotaki Jouhou,” you can get two Wave Flash stacks. When your water illusion explodes, you additionally acquire a wash flash equal to the maximum number of stacks after taking damage. Additionally, “Kamisato Art: Katsusui Senkoku” may be used to increase the damage of your Elemental Burst. However, keep in mind that your current maximum HP will be used to determine the 3% increase in damage for this.

Best Weapon for the Kamisato Ayato Build Guide (DPS Build)

Kamisato Ayato

Kamisato Ayato may serve as your team’s primary DPS. In this regard, you must offer him weapons that improve his damaging prowess and grant him an increase in health. The following is a list of the top weapons for the Ayato build:

1. Haran Geppaku Futsu (Recommended): Increase in all elemental damage bonus of 12-24%Earn one Namisen stack (up to two) every 0.3 seconds when teammates nearby successfully strike an enemy with standard attacks. To acquire Ripping Upheaval when performing an elemental skill, you must consume Namisen. Your usual attack damage will rise by 20–40% after ingesting Namisen for 8 seconds.

2. Primordial Jade Cutter’s: 20-40% health boost This increases your attack power by 1.22-2.4% of your maximum HP.

3. Mistsplitter Reforged: This gives each element a 12–24% enhancement to their elemental damage. This gives you access to the Mistsplitter’s Emblem’s power.

Under the following: circumstances, one stack of Mistsplitter’s Emblem is given:

When you receive elemental damage from one of your regular attacks (stack remains for 5 seconds), When an Elemental Burst is cast (stack remains for 10 seconds) When your energy level is less than 100% (stack is lost when you gain full energy), Depending on your stack levels, Mistsplitter’s Emblem grants you an elemental damage bonus for your elemental type of 8–56%.

4. The Black Sword: increases your regular and charged attack damage by 20-40%.

5. If you receive a critical hit: while using regular or charged strikes, this ability restores 60–100% of your attack’s health (once every 5 seconds).

6. Blackcliff Longsword: Boosts your assault by 12–24% for 30 seconds after beating an adversary (max 3 stacks with independent durations)

7. Lion’s Roar: Increases damage dealt to enemies under the power of Pyro or Electro by 20–36%.

8: Amenoma kageuchi: After applying an elemental skill, you will get one success seed every five seconds for 30 seconds (max of 3 success seeds). Every time you perform an Elemental Burst, regenerate 6–12 energy after eating Succession Seeds for two seconds. For each eaten Succession Seed, regeneration occurs. Elemental Burst will use up all acquired Succession Seeds.

9. The Flute: When you hit someone with a standard or charged attack, you gain one harmonic every 0.5 seconds. Harmonics last for 30 seconds. Five Harmonics uses the power of music to deal opponents nearby 100–200% attack damage.

10. Harbinger of Dawn: The CRIT rate is increased by 14–28% when your HP is more than 90%.

Build a Kamisato Ayato artifact.

An Ayato build can really shine with three artefact sets. If you want to utilise him as the main DPS, these three will be helpful. But if you want to use him as a burst support character, it will be better to give him two artifacts. Each item is discussed below:

1. Echoes of an Offering

First off, “Echoes of an Offering” is one of the greatest artefacts you can obtain for your Ayato build. A two-piece outfit will give you a respectable attack increase of 18%. However, we advise making an extra effort to get the four-piece set. With this, anytime you hit foes with regular attacks, there is a 36% chance that Valley Rate will be activated. Your standard attack damage increases by 70% when the valley rate is active. After an opponent is damaged by your normal attack for 0.05 seconds, the effect will end.

Kamisato Ayato

If Valley Rate doesn’t activate, on the other hand, your chances of activating it on your subsequent assault are greater. The likelihood of it activating will then increase by 20% until the Valley Rate is ultimately triggered. But keep in mind that the valley rate can only happen once every 0.3 seconds. The Echoes of an Offering, while a reliable item, may be unpredictable. This is due to the four-piece set effect’s random nature. Therefore, if you need anything that can regularly increase your effects, it’s not the best to utilise. However, if you want to get the most out of your DPS Ayato build, this artefact is still the finest you can acquire. This is especially true since each attack after the first one makes it more likely that the four-piece set will have an effect.

2. Heart Of Depth

The “Heart of Depth” is the second-best artefact you may employ for your Ayato build. For this artefact, acquiring a two-piece set will increase your hydro damage bonus by 15%. After activating an elemental skill, a four-piece outfit increases your regular and charged attack damage by 30%. It will take effect for 15 seconds. Coincidentally, the greatest artefact to utilise for an Ayato burst support build is the Heart of Depth artefact.

Because you’ll probably use Hydro often in such situations, it’s extremely helpful. You’ll also probably use his powerful elemental burst quite a bit. The two-piece outfit is also all you need to fully realise Ayato’s potential as a burst support character. In a sense, the Heart of Depth artefact is more dependable than Echoes of an Offering since it is more consistent. However, in contrast to the latter, its effects aren’t as strong. Nevertheless, if you already have it, that is the preferable choice.

3. Gladiator’s Last Stand

The Gladiator’s Finale may also be used as your artefact for the primary DPS Ayato build. You will receive a small 18% attack increase from the two-piece outfit. In the meantime, the four-piece set will increase your standard attack damage by 35%. This, however, only applies if Ayato is brandishing a sword, claymore, or polearm. The impact won’t be felt if not. Gladiator’s Finale is more dependable than Echoes of an Offering, just like Heart of Depth. Although it’s a good option if you have it on hand, it’s not as effective in the effects it gives you. It’s also an excellent artefact if you’re already putting other characters’ artefacts farming first.

4. Nobility Oblige

If you want to deploy a burst support Ayato build, the “Noblesse Oblige” artefact will be extremely helpful. You will experience a 20% increase in elemental burst damage thanks to its two-piece set. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time gathering artefacts for Ayatio’s DPS build, this is a good choice. Additionally, Noblesse Oblige works well when combined with a two-piece Heart of Depth combo. You should now be more effective in repairing hydro and burst problems. In the end, it will depend on your priorities and your ability to farm.