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This is the list to use Tumblr themes if you’re looking for a roundup of the finest free Tumblr layouts. Whatever Tumblr themes style you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. However, if some details are missing, feel free to make changes.
Tumblr is the most well-known microblogging service / social media network in the world, allowing users to share short-form and multimedia material. It only takes a few minutes to start your own Tumblr community, and all Tumblr blog owners have complete control over how their site appears to the rest of the world.

You can alter your custom Tumblr themes using raw HTML, or you can use one of the Tumblr themes below to improve the design of your Tumblr blog and better reflect your personality and what you want to achieve with your work.

Tumblr theme is a platform that almost everyone is aware of, but not everyone wants to use it. Tumblr themes, which may appear to some as a blogging site, is actually a network of creative people who prefer to exchange stuff that is usually unique and not always noteworthy or worthy of constant consumption.

Tumblr theme is also a haven for those who want to share their creative ideas and views in the context of a supportive and welcoming community for hilarious, satirical, and occasionally ironic content.

30 Best Flexible And Free Tumblr Themes

1. Indy

Indy theme

Your blog will seem clean and plain with Indy, attracting the attention of everyone who visits. It features a lovely design that you can easily customize for yourself and use for as long as you like. Furthermore, Indy is one of the best Tumblr templates available, as it is responsive, mobile-ready, and helps you stand out.

Indy is unique in that it takes a minimalist approach to web design. It makes your content stand out and sparkle in the internet world. Display your works, skills, and whatever else you want to promote online in an unrivaled way. It will be none other than Indy who will accomplish this for you. Install it and utilize the theme to see what a fantastic result it can make for you.

2. Salvia

Salvia brings everything you excel at as a creative individual to the web arena and allows you to promote it. Salvia is a tool that helps photographers, web designers, writers, painters, and other creatives realize their ambitions. It’s one of the simplest methods to share your profession with the rest of the world, and you can even use it to find new work.

The hidden menu is a fantastic feature of Salvia. It gives your page a very minimalist look, yet the links and easy navigation remain. Salvia is here to please with a great selection of fonts for greater reading, color modification, and a wide range of other elements that you may change. Of course, this free simple Tumblr theme is compatible with modern devices and web browsers.

3. Wicked

Wicked is a free and amazing Tumblr theme that will pique your interest thanks to its incredibly minimalistic design. It is completely mobile-friendly, ensuring that your creation looks great on smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. Wicked is also cross-browser compatible, as well as designed for search engines and quick loading times. You have complete control over the site design of amazing Wicked and can tailor it to your exact specifications.

You’ll realize how simple the process is when dealing with Wicked.You may create a stunning layout that displays your material in a unique and engaging way with very little time and effort. One thing is certain: Wicked is the only tool you’ll need if you want to guarantee a distraction-free session.

4. Tumblr Official

You can quickly customize Official to your liking thanks to a robust collection of customization options. Of course, you don’t need any prior knowledge because the procedure is rather simple. Colors, fonts, and even the header picture can all be changed. Make it to a tee, since that’s exactly what Official has to offer.

Official, of course, has a clean, vivid design that will showcase all of your material beautifully. Furthermore, if you want to be more personal with your audience, remember to include an avatar, which you can turn off.

5. Art She Said

Art She Said is a free Tumblr theme for artists that will suit your needs if you are creative. Instead of starting from scratch with the design, choose a ready-to-use template. It saves you a tonne of time by allowing you to start sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world right away. In fact, you may use Art She Said to refresh your Tumblr page even if you are already a Tumblr user.

The layout is completely fluid, instantly adapting to any screen size. If you’re ready to make a difference right now, avoid procrastination and get started with Art She Said. Take pleasure in the immediate consequence and proceed from there.

6. Basic

We offer a lot of free aesthetic Tumblr themes for you. And, without a question, Basic is among them. With a name like that, you can anticipate a lot of simplicity, not just in terms of appearances, but also in terms of functionality. Texts, photos, movies, and music are all supported by Basic. Feel free to embed your favorite Soundcloud music or even make a playlist on your blog.

Image zoom, localization, and a large number of fonts and colors to pick from are some of Basic’s other amazing features. Basic also has a multi-layered navigation system and Disqus comments integration. But, to properly appreciate the power of this fantastic Tumblr theme, take a look at the live preview to see how the features work.

7. Persona

Persona is a character who nearly doesn’t need an introduction. After all, the name is rather self-explanatory. Persona is most suited for personal blogs, but it may also be used for business blogs due to its adaptability. Whatever you do with this fantastic free Tumblr blog, it will seem professional and lovely. Put it to the test and be shocked at how powerful it is despite the fact that it is completely free.

There are over 30 fonts to pick from, as well as social media icons, plugins for sharing your material, and unique photos. To that end, you can use up to five header images on your page to make the best first impression. Additionally, in a free customizable Tumblr theme, you may add your own or your company’s logo, hide or expose a specific piece, and alter the links and colors. Now is the time to start blogging with Persona!

8. Ten Toes

Ten Toes is the greatest free Tumblr theme for lovers of beauty, simplicity, and refinement. Ten Toes runs flawlessly on all platforms, including PCs and cellphones.
When it comes to current web browsers, Ten Toes is always up to the task. Ten Toes is the right tool for you if photographs are your major means of self-expression.
Its main goal is to make your visuals stand out as much as possible.
Ten Toes, on the other hand, supports all post types, so you won’t be limited in any manner. Free Tumblr themes with infinite scrolling, endless colors, and the ability to upload your own logo are all available with Ten Toes. When you hover your mouse over the post, share, like, and reblog buttons appear. Ten Toes opens the photo in a window for a larger view. Ten Toes can be installed, edited, and improved in any way you want for the greatest results.

9. Yuki

Yuki, a free grid-based Tumblr theme for photography fans, kicks off our list of greatest Tumblr themes. Yuki errs on the side of minimalism. The theme’s homepage is nothing more than a collection of photo thumbnails that other users can click to learn more about. Yuki may also be useful in circumstances if you simply want to share a series of postings about visual stuff.

10. Ashley

Ashley is a fantastic Tumblr theme for sharing your blog posts.
Ashley is compatible with all Tumblr post kinds, making it rather multi-purpose if you plan to create a site with a range of content categories.
Using a Google Fonts integration, you may quickly change the fonts.

11. Svbtle

Svbtle was formerly a popular blogging site for those with a refined sense of style.
Things changed when Svbtle announced that it would be discontinuing its free service in favor of charging $6 per month for users to keep their blogs alive. While there may be some comfort in knowing that you are using a paid service, and perhaps that brings about a sense of peace of mind, those who are not interested in paying money for blogging needs can enjoy the Tumblr Svbtle Theme.

12. Hipster

When a theme company decides to provide some of their paid content for free, it’s a terrific day for bloggers. Hipster is one such theme that has attained that position. Sticky content, the ability to navigate content with the keyboard, Instagram integration for displaying your latest photos, and a sidebar for presenting the most relevant facts are just a few of the features that keep people coming back to Hipster. Check out Hipster’s premium version for an even longer list of cutting-edge features.

13. Simplify

Simplify is likely to become popular among startups that use Tumblr to announce new features, products, and general announcements. Simplify’s the sleek modern vibe is what makes it so tempting for writing about news and other broad information that requires a good design in order to be digested. A stylish navigation menu button in the right corner of each page eliminates the need to display excessive HTML elements in favor of a mobile-like navigation experience that focuses entirely on content. Disqus and Google Analytics are supported.

14. Oscar

Beware, freelancers: there’s a new Tumblr theme on the block, and it’s Oscar! It can be used for a variety of purposes, either as a simple blogging theme or as a personal blogging theme for sharing serious stories and articles that will stand out thanks to the modern design characteristics that aren’t found in every Tumblr theme.
Oscar is very customizable and includes all of the standard blog features, such as a comments system, analytics integration, social media icons, and general responsiveness throughout all of the blog’s pages.

15. Taylor Swift Love

If you’re looking for a fun free Tumblr theme, go no further than the Lover theme. This dynamic and vivid solution, inspired by Taylor Swift, is all packed and ready to go, ensuring that your content appears beautifully. Naturally, this theme works flawlessly on all devices, from smartphones to desktop PCs. It’s also retina-ready and cross-browser compatible.

Custom colors and pictures, Disqus comments, support for all post categories, and localization are all features of the Lover theme. You may pick a theme, customize it, and start sharing fascinating material with the rest of the world in a short amount of time.
The lover theme showcases everything in the finest possible light, whether it’s music videos, lyrics, photographs, or anything else.
Take pleasure in the outcome.

16. Other Basic

Check out Basic if you’re looking for a free Tumblr theme that is really simple. This theme is really clean and minimal, as the name suggests, but it still has a lot of features that will help you run a great Tumblr page. Sharing information has never been more enjoyable, due to Basic, a tool that will spark your imagination and allow you to create whatever you want.

Basic is compatible with all modern devices and web browsers, much like the other themes on our list. It includes optional sticky elements, left or center alignment, complete color management, and is compatible with all post kinds. For a cleaner experience, you can optionally hide the source from the reblogged material.
Sharing your own or other people’s stuff is a piece of cake with Basic for any creative.

17. Chale

Chale is the type of free Tumblr theme that will instantly distinguish you thanks to its unique appearance. It features a split-screen mode that creates a unique experience. Chale is also an excellent choice if you want to combine blogging and a personal website. Chale also keeps up with all of the current web standards’ latest trends and requirements to ensure that everything runs smoothly. It is therefore compatible with all contemporary devices, retina displays, and web browsers.

The feature set is likewise rather extensive. Chale enables infinite scroll for a smooth skimming experience via content. Chale brings a lot of features to the table, like an awesome quick view, social network integration, custom logo and background pictures, full creative control, and an about section. Take things to new heights by making them yours with a single click.

18. Minimalism

The minimalist Tumblr theme is a high-quality theme for brands, individuals, and creatives that want to showcase their photography content in a professional and minimalistic manner. Content grid management, a custom header, and a custom background color and picture are all features you may expect.
You also receive a mobile-friendly design, prominent social media icons, unlimited scrolling for a more fluid content browsing experience, and a sticky sidebar navigation menu. Thanks to localization options, the theme is ready to be translated into your preferred language.

19. Shiyori

Elegance is the lifeblood of Shiyori theme, a traditional infinite scrolling homepage delivers a graceful content navigation experience. Additionally, Shiyori allows for bloggers to use all available post types, making it easy to turn your blog into a multi-content enterprise. Features a search widget, and an internal tagging system for making finding content easy and relaxed.

20. Prima Donna

Prima Donna is a girly Tumblr theme designed specifically for girls unless you’re a guy who likes pink color and flowers all over your blog posts!
Prima Donna’s main focus is typography and how it may alter the appearance of your content, even if it’s a new type of content every time. Supports site design that is mobile-friendly.

21. Pop Gallery Lite

If portfolios and circles are your things, PopGallery (Lite) is your genuine soul mate!
PopGallery is also a popular Tumblr theme for individuals looking for a modern, clean solution for their portfolio, gallery, and presentation needs.
The circle thumbnails on the blog’s homepage are what makes it so appealing, and there are no restrictions. On the homepage, animated visuals will be interactive, making this a one-stop-shop for individuals who want to produce visual material without worrying about how it looks.

22. Orange Pop

Everyone requires a means of self-expression. Orange Pop is a simple Tumblr theme based on classic blog layout patterns that use an orange (obviously) color scheme. There’s also a sidebar for social media, a Twitter feed, and other custom text components you want to show.

23. Cosmic

It’s a genuinely cosmic experience with Cosmic! It’s also one of the more distinctive themes in our collection, with a darker design style that speaks for itself. It also has two separate sidebars (on the left side), one of which may be used as a navigation menu for pages, forms, and other key connections, and the other of which can be used to display the logo, social information, and Twitter or Instagram feed widgets; or both.

24. Skyfall

Skyfall is a vibrant theme for those interested in photography. You can use Skyfall to turn your Tumblr blog into a gallery to swiftly show off your latest work.
Image-only posts will appear on the front page and, when clicked, will display their content in a lightbox. If the post contains more than one item, anyone will be able to browse among those photographs from the homepage. Something different to add to our collection of the greatest free Tumblr themes.

25. Lets Go Pink

Tumblr is extremely popular with females. It’s simple, enjoyable, and all of your friends are playing. We also appreciate the freedom of choice and want to present options to our female readers.
Here’s another girlie theme called Lets Go Pink! It’s pink, it’s artistic, and there’s plenty of room for you to brag about yourself. It also contains a bio-information widget in the expanded sidebar.

26. Royal

To assist fund their foundation, royal grade writers require a royal subject. What better way to do it than with the Royal Tumblr template? Furthermore, this is one of the simplest theme designs we’ve ever seen. Royal offers content authoring a novel experience by focusing solely on language. Each letter matters.
Furthermore, no matter what type of content you put in there, what sort of articles you create, or what media you share, everything will look beautiful in your theme.

27. Superstudio

Superstudio is a vibrant and sleek Tumblr theme inspired by the Chinese community. Superstudio is also best described as a platform for enterprises, startups, and freelancers to discuss their most recent projects and developments. Superstudio’s design ensures professionalism, but also sincerity, ensuring that everyone pays attention to what you have to say.

28. Harbour

You can mistake a Harbour optimized blog for a WordPress or Ghost-created website at first sight. The Harbour theme manages to achieve a pretty translucent design impact somehow. It demonstrates how seamless design layouts may be achieved even while working with third-party platforms’ restrictions.

29. News(Premium Tumblr Themes)

That was a fantastic collection of free Tumblr themes, and we have no further queries. The truth is that, while we’ve mentioned hundreds of free themes in this article, there are thousands more out there that deserve just as much, if not more, attention.
We’d also like to invite you, the community member, to participate in this discussion. Make a suggestion for a Tumblr theme that didn’t make the list. We’re hoping for some amazing new contributions, so send us an email or leave a comment! Meanwhile, let’s have a look at a collection of premium themes from a well-known design store.
Although we focus on the finest free Tumblr themes in this article, it’s interesting to examine what paid versions have to offer. Furthermore, one of these themes is news, which is ideal for online publications. However, you can use it for reviews and other publication-style websites that you intend to build.
News gives your final product a professional polish, ensuring that your web page meets the highest requirements. News is ready for your ideas, with a widget-rich sidebar and footer, an Instagram feed, an innovative drop-down menu, social media icons, and Google Analytics integration.
The theme also includes a unique error page, a completely configurable header, over fifteen color possibilities, and three captivating post types. pique the interest of everyone who visits your page and keep them captivated for life.

30. Yummy(Premium Tumblr Theme)

How long until pizzerias and restaurants start using blogging to reach out to new customers? Probably not long at all!
Yummy is a grid-style blogging theme that’s perfect for food bloggers and food lovers who want to share their enthusiasm with a larger audience. The most prominent feature of Yummy is a ‘Buy’ button that can be customized for each post, allowing you to sell items while blogging without having to deal with any advertisements.


A Tumblr theme will help you to improve the experience of your Tumblr blog. These free Tumblr themes bring in a lot of features, design styles, to enhance your blogging and writing experience.

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