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If you enjoy playing video games, now is a fantastic opportunity to download the top free pokemon emulator pc. But, before we go any further, let’s make sure we’re not going to introduce a tiny pokemon emulator pc reddit into your daily routine. Pikachu will not appear in your lunch box and will eat your sandwiches.

It isn’t going to happen now. The best pokemon emulator for pc is just software that simulates a game console for use on a computer. Emulating for the PC is not unlawful. To put it another way, it is legal. There are, however, differing perspectives on the subject. We’ll also provide the greatest pokemon emulator for pc download so you can play pokemon games on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Without having to bring so many devices, you may battle, catch, snap, and explore the favorable pokemon emulator pc. the region at home. So, let’s take a look at the best Pokemon emulators to play the games.

If you enjoy playing video games, now is a great moment to invest in the pokemon emulators for pc. But, before we go any further, let’s double-check that we won’t be intruding into your daily routine with a tiny pokemon emulator pc reddit your sandwiches will be consumed by Pikachu, and your lunch box will be empty. This isn’t going to happen right now.

The pokemon emulators for pc are essentially computer programs that simulate the operation of a game console. It is allowed to play best pokemon emulator for pc. To put it another way, it is legal. However, there are numerous points of view on the subject. We’ll also show you how to play pokemon emulator games on your computer, phone, or tablet using the best pokemon pc emulator. Without bringing too many devices, you can fight, collect, snap, and explore the favorable pokemon region. So, if you’re looking to play Pokemon games, take a look at the pokemon from gba listed below.

1. Pokemon Emulator for GameBoy Advance – RetroArch

Starting off with RetroArch, the most popular kid on the block. Making all the right noises, it supports an extensive list of over 80 pokemon emulator pc reddit through cores. You will get the list of cores and the option to download them individually. It is the best choice of the emulator to play pokemon emulators pc.

pokemon emulator pc

On paper, it has cross-platform support. But that doesn’t tell the whole story, as it supports over 32 different platforms, including gaming consoles, smartphones, browsers, and more.

2. Pokemon Emulator for NES – Mesen


A highly authentic NES pokemon PC emulator that was created with novices in mind. The tutorial wizard walks you through the fundamentals to familiarise you with how things function. Cheats have been given suitable accommodations on Mesen, as they have been on most pokemon from gba when used in conjunction with a cheat finder, it does the legwork for you in terms of locating cheats.

3. Pokemon Emulator for Nintendo 64- Project64

Project64 is a versatile pokemon files for my boy to run games of Nintendo 64, a fifth-generation home console. There is a portable version that doesn’t seem to work as the program gets installed either way.

Project64 n64 Emulator

The user interface keeps it on the simpler side. Consisting of the following information – game title, status(running, closed, or paused), core, and plugin rows.

4. Pokemon Emulator for Wii – Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin is an ace in its sphere when it comes to Wii and GameCube pokemon emulator online it’s cross-platform, which means you can use it on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. And, more recently, it has begun to operate on Android phones as well.

pokemon emulator pc

Graphics departments hit it out of the park with 4k and 5K resolutions. The enhancements tab of settings does wonders in that area. Wii controller works phenomenally well close to an actual console. Other controllers such as PlayStation, Steam controller, or Nintendo switch can make it work through the alternative input store(DSU).

5. Pokemon Emulator for Wii U – Cemu

Cemu is the lone pokemon emulator pc reddit that works on Wii U titles. Runs exclusively on x64 systems because of its high RAM usage, which exceeds 4 GB in all scenarios. Check whether your PC is x32 or x64 with the help of this guide by Microsoft.

Cemu emulator running

On the first launch, you are greeted by an enthusiastic tutorial that helps you understand the basics. You get to set the MLC, game paths, along with the option to download the community graphics pack. The flag of graphics is held high by OpenGL and Vulkan. They can be toggled according to your requirements.

6. Pokemon Emulator for 3DS – Citra 3DS

Since the last time we talked about Citra 3DS, it has made great leaps forward. They pushed out an Android version a while ago. Starting with the exterior, we get the two options in themes – dark and light, with an added option of colorful flair. The Pokemon emulator for PC has a standard UI, similar to what you find on another pokemon emulator online.

Tomodachi Life Emulator

Citra Web Service sweetened the pot with its seamline pokemon emulator online gameplay experience. You have the option of accessing public rooms by other players, which can be joined through permission. Alternatively, rooms can be joined using IPs, ports, and nicknames, along with room passwords.

7. Pokemon Emulator for DS – NO$GBA

NO$GBA is lightweight. If you are looking to play Pokemon DS games then this easy-to-use pokemon rom gba for computer PCs is the right choice for you. It runs without a fault on low-end computers, putting a minimal load on the available resources.

No$Gba GBA emulator

All the back-end stuff is generic with minimal scope for changes. The quick-save feature works on a few versions of this pokemon rom which is not the confident statement made by the developer.

8. Pokemon Emulator for Switch – Yuzu

Available for Windows, Linux, and more recently for Android. We dived into it while discussing the best Nintendo Switch emulators for PC.

pokemon emulator pc

Yuzu has made an impression in a short period of time. We have several user profiles when we go into the features. Create your own personal profile to keep track of your game progress and save states without worrying about others gaining access to your computer.

Local multiplayer against your friends was possible until Nintendo objected, at which point it was withdrawn. Ryuji, on the other hand, is a Nintendo Switch emulator that supports local wireless multiplayer. Take a look at this wonderful alternative to Yuzu and see if multiplayer is vital to you.


We’ve compiled a list of the finest pokemon emulators pc for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Pokémon games were sometimes launched on many consoles at the same time. It’s all up to you now. Choose a Pokémon game to play and download a Pokémon emulator for your PC.