AngularJS Dashboard Template

When it comes to creating online apps and admin dashboards, it is one of the most used JavaScript frameworks. The AngularJS dashboard template is a strong choice for admin panels, CMS backends, and other types of web dashboards that display data, charts, and metrics because it is open-source and endorsed by Google.

We’ve rounded up the best AngularJS Dashboard Template available for free download, as well as some popular premium alternatives, in one post. If you’re wanting to create an admin dashboard using AngularJS, these premium and free AngularJS admin templates will come in handy. Some of these AngularJS Dashboard Template free come with PSD files, which can be used to create the dashboard and show it to clients.

The layout of online components such as charts, graphs, statistics tables, and web controls under distinct tabs or groups is required when creating a responsive admin dashboard. Because our picks of these fantastic AngularJS Dashboard Template free include pre-built web UI components, creating your own admin panel will be a breeze.

You’ll note that many of these AngularJS Dashboard Templates are Bootstrap-based. Web technologies are a quickly changing field with a lot of competing standards that are always coming up with new ways to do things and adding to their capabilities so they can do their job better and do more, faster, and better.

People are expecting more and better behaviour from their websites and apps, so a high-quality solution stack is becoming increasingly important for the successful deployment of most web- or app-based software.The admin panel template pages in the following collection have been hand-picked to represent the best of the best AngularJS Dashboard Template free and enabled admin panel template pages for web projects.

Look no further than the following if you, your clients, or your application require a quick and smooth adoption of expansive HTML JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS. Here are some great AngularJS Dashboard Template free to help you build a great admin panel for your online app. Your company’s survival depends on cutting-edge technology, and there’s no time to squander catching up.

Of course, software frameworks assist with this process, but keeping up with all of the different frameworks can be difficult in and of itself. You don’t have to do that all of the time, thankfully.

Top 24 AngularJS Dashboard Template free To Create New Web Apps

24 Top AngularJS Dashboard Template free To Create Excellent New Web Apps 2021 are following below:

1. Metronic

Metronic is the most popular Bootstrap admin theme of all time, with 7 admin themes, 1500+ UI features, and RTL and material design layout compatibility. To get you started with designing your admin dashboard, it’s built using Bootstrap, SASS, and AngularJS Dashboard Template.

2. RDash

The AngularJS implementation of the RDash admin dashboard theme is called RDash. RDash is a Bootstrap-powered admin dashboard that is responsive and bloat-free. To get started, the dashboard requires a minimal amount of modules, as well as some useful directives and controllers to speed up development.

3. Paper Dashboard

This sleek and modern dashboard design is built with Bootstrap and supports Angular2. It includes pre-made dashboard components, customizable plugins, and example pages for the admin panel. You can choose between the free MIT-licensed version and the premium version, which includes an additional collection of components, plugins, and example sites. When you upgrade to the pro version, you get full documentation and the source SASS files.

4. StartNG

StartNG is a responsive and cross-browser compatible AngularJS admin template built on the Bootstrap 4 Framework. When you unbox the item, you’ll find a total of sixty variations thanks to six distinct front styles and 10 additional color skins. Of course, the jewel includes a slew of other UI elements, such as buttons, icons, cards, and stunning typography. In addition, there are mailboxes, form components, basic and dynamic tables, and a slew of other features. StartNG’s code is well-organized and incredibly simple to change and improve. It also features slow loading, integrated maps, and retina compatibility. In a matter of minutes, you can transform StartNG from a angularjs dashboard template to a fully functional online application.

5. Egret

Let’s break the norm with Egret’s dark design, as you’ve mostly seen light layouts of these AngularJS website templates. But, don’t get me wrong, the Egret template provides more than just darkness. Top and side navigation, fixed headers, and RTL are all examples of different designs. Egret is also a genuine Angular admin dashboard, which is worth mentioning. However, there is no jQuery or Bootstrap Framework. With Egret, you can quickly get started with any CMS, CRM, or ERP project and never look back. Egret layouts are dynamic and versatile, easy to use, and AuthGuard secured. Begin right now to get your project’s administrative issues resolved in minutes.

6. Material Dashboard Angular 2

Material Dashboard Angular 2 is a free admin dashboard design based on Bootstrap from Creative Tim. Material Design is used for UI elements and components, as well as animations. This angularjs dashboard template’s free version is MIT licensed. Check out Material Dashboard PRO Angular 2 for more features, including over 200 components, 15 plugins, 27 example pages, full documentation, and SASS files.

7. Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Creative Tim has created yet another stunning and fully responsive Angular admin dashboard template. It’s made with Bootstrap 3 and features a clean card-based design for the dashboard components as well as six alternative color schemes. Example pages are included with the angularjs dashboard template to help you get started with admin panels and backends for web applications quickly. You can download the MIT-licensed free version or upgrade to the pro version, which includes 120 components, 15 plugins, 24 example pages, comprehensive documentation, SASS files, and Sketch files for the template.

8. Espire

Espire is a bright and simple admin template with a clean web design that makes every interaction enjoyable. Three separate demos are included in the batch. Choose from two angular versions and a static HTML version that best suits your online application. Espire is suitable for both novice and experienced programmers.

The template is easy to customize and written in a way that programmers would find user-friendly and straightforward. The finished product will adjust to any screen size and be compatible with all recent web browsers. Every Espire user receives free updates and access to a support team that can be reached at any time of the day. Make the most of the Espire template and create your ideal administrator.

9. ArchitectUI

ArchitectUI is a brand-new template that has already proven to be a hit. It is based on Bootstrap 4 and comes as an Angular 11 template. This is a must-have tool for any developer’s toolkit. Do yourself a favor and avoid building an admin from the ground up for your application. Choose one of these AngularJS Dashboard Templates instead and save a lot of time. Instead, use this time to improve your web app and take it to the next level, while the admin maintains track of everything.

Choose one of ArchitectUI’s four ready-to-use layouts and get started. All four are available in both Angular and HTML versions, but you’ll almost certainly prefer the former. Date and time picker sluggish loading, three different navigations, specialty dashboards, and free lifetime upgrades are just a few of ArchitectUI’s important features. Additional features include seven menu color presets, over 25 pre-made components, and a gorgeous chart with shadows.
Yes, there is more!

10. Cuba

Cuba is a versatile and functional angularjs dashboard template that comes in a variety of styles. If you’re looking for an Angular administrator, Cuba can help. It has a very clean, modern, and appealing appearance. Cuba makes accessing the information on a smartphone or a laptop a pleasurable experience.

The design is mobile-friendly. Cuba has it all: forms, charts, pictures, Google Maps, eCommerce support, chat, you name it. You can also use a specified dark mode if that’s what you’re most interested in. It will be a lot of fun to experiment with the features and create the ideal admin for your application.

11. Xenon

Xenon is a Bootstrap-based lightweight responsive admin theme with over 100 HTML files. It includes a variety of UI components, layout options, and theme skins. It’s made utilizing the LESS CSS preprocessor, which lets you make your own version of Xenon by including only the components you need in a single file.

12. Triangular

Triangular is an AngularJS-based Material Design Admin Template. Triangular, unlike most other material design AngularJS Dashboard Templates, was designed from the ground up using Google’s own Angular Material Design initiative. It comes with 50+ sample pages and a limitless number of menu levels, as well as 700+ material design icons and 500+ font amazing icons.

13. Forza

Forza is a cutting-edge web application framework based on AngularJS and LESS. The theme is well-coded and feature-rich, and it’s ready to use in the admin area of your website or as an intranet theme. It’s also ideal for your next RESTful web application.

14. Materialism

Materialism is a Bootstrap 3 admin template built on Angular JS. The entire template is built with NodeJS, Grunt, and Bower, all of which are tools that can drastically speed up your development. You may easily make changes and build your own version using the provided Gruntfile.js.

15. Fuse

Fuse is a powerful, malleable, infinitely adaptable, and even more flexible admin panel template page that is entirely cleanly designed and fresh-faced, technologically refined, hugely dynamic, thoroughly technical, cleanly coded, and heavily documented. Internet administrators, system administrators, software application developers, and programmers will benefit greatly from this solution.

But webmasters, in general, put together the most powerful already existing web standards in order to create the most secure, ruthlessly efficient, completely effective, and undeniably successful software products now available on the market. Developers made your new favorite admin template for developers. As a result, every line of code in Fuse has been correctly indented and annotated, making it easier to read and modify.

16. Treo

Treo is an Angular utility that prevents you from having to start from scratch when creating an admin dashboard. Treo comes into play when you need to resolve a situation fast and professionally. Treo has a lot of functionality, so you know it can help you with whatever project you’re working on. Treo takes care of you with a variety of ready-made page layouts and built-in apps, as well as dark mode, beginning projects, and more. Calendar, eCommerce, contacts, and even mailbox apps are among the apps available. Treo will help you get off to a strong and confident start.

17. Gene

Gene is a fantastic and practical admin template thanks to its use of Angular 2 and Angular-CLI, as well as Material Design. Managing and editing Gene will feel incredibly natural, almost childish. While Gene’s capabilities enable you to construct world-class apps, utilizing the template, in general, is painless.

It’ll be a great little journey for the most part. However, to be really honest with you, you will most likely just need to devote a small amount of time in order to achieve the most professional result. Gene comes with a slew of built-in features. The text editor, maps, charts, charts, tables, and forms are all mentioned. Inner pages have been pre-programmed with a magnificent gallery and pricing tables.
Gene is also entirely translatable.

18. Remark

Remark is an admin panel template page that is very contextualized, exceedingly epochal, visually stunning, hugely elegant, fully minimalistic and refined, technologically sophisticated, functionally versatile, and very attractive.
A clever, brilliant template page that has been supplied with the most wonderful technologies accessible in order to provide webmasters and developers with the broadest variety of options for single page and multipage application development.

You get an enormous selection of designs and components that you can easily use, including a whopping 120 jQuery plugins, horizontal Mega Menus, landing pages, a wide variety of predesigned, functional apps, such as Calendar, Contacts, Forum, Mailbox, Media, Project, and Document Apps, AngularJS powered framework with Bootstrap inclusions for full, native responsiveness, touch-friends, and an AngularJS powered framework with Bootstrap inclusions for full, native responsiveness.

19. Decima

Whether you’re working on a CMS, SAAS, CRM, or any other project, the Decima template is the way to go when you need a powerful administrator. Other functions and components are included, in addition to a plethora of exceptional UI elements that you can freely reuse. Decima has a variety of features, including dark and light layouts, as well as translatable and slow load support.

Continue reading to learn about a few more Decima AngularJS admin template tricks. Decima also includes email, a variety of charts (pie, line, bar, and so on), Google Maps, and a plethora of widgets. You may require all of them or only a few; you may exclude or add as many or as few as you desire.

20. Slant

Slant is a popular and effective admin panel template page that is visually one of a kind, artistically refined and elegant, functionally powerful, and technologically achieved. A well-constructed admin panel template page whose main inspiration was the creation of a unique admin panel from the start.

It has all of the great features of the most popular admin panel themes while also breaking free from the cookie-cutter nature of typical admin panel templates. The admin template offers all of the skills that a modern dashboard template needs, as well as a variety of proficiencies. The AngularJS framework, for example, is a powerful set of tools that allows you to quickly create the most contemporary and adaptable software applications for any application.

21. Endless

When it comes to creating an admin panel, Endless – as the name suggests – gives an infinite number of options. You have six primary dashboard samples at your disposal, all of which are ready to use right now. Endless offers a wide range of options, including default, eCommerce, university, server, project, and crypto. Needless to say, Endless is happy to help you with any other initiatives you’re working on or plan to start.

You’ll also find a number of practical and incredibly handy amenities in the Endless package that you may use to your full advantage. Everything is at your fingertips, from a quick search and multi-language support to bookmarks, over ten usable apps, color customization, and dark and light settings. Endless allows you to begin with the right foot forward, rather than starting from the beginning.

22. Lucid

Lucid is an AngularJS admin template with a fresh, modern, and professional look. With a cracking tool that will get you starting sooner rather than later, you can now save time, money, and energy. Lucid has everything covered when it comes to the design of your admin dashboard. It’s also adaptable and versatile enough to operate with a wide range of projects and applications.

Prepare your concept in advance and Lucid will bring it to life just how you want it. Lucid comes with six stunning color skins in the kit, which you can tweak as desired. By adjusting the basic settings, you may give your administrator a personality. It includes calendar, chat, inox, contact card, and user profile pages, as well as a variety of other features that are appropriate for your admin site. The support team would be pleased to assist you whenever you require assistance.

23. Vex

Vex is a handy solution for your applications and websites that comes with a lot of pre-defined content that you can use right away. This admin template has a lot of samples, so you can quickly select one that suits your taste. To top it off, Vex may be customized and fine-tuned according to your branding guidelines and needs.

However, if the default settings are sufficient, you can expect a quick implementation of a comprehensive admin. The Vex bundle includes light and dark themes, snack bar alerts, chat, calendar, help center, coming soon page, and pricing, to name a few features. You can also contact the team of specialists at any moment, and they will be pleased to help you.

24. Vien

Vien is a complete solution that includes four main dashboard styles as well as numerous other page layouts to mix and match. Vien’s clean and basic design is one of the company’s primary selling points. If that sounds appealing to you and your project, you’ll love utilizing Vien to create a useful dashboard. The package of goodies is also quite large, including all of the essentials and then some. Everything is included, including a video player and shortcuts, as well as charts, a smart menu, numerous layouts, and more. If you value simplicity above anything else, Vien is the way to go.


In this article, you’ll find AngularJS Dashboard Template to choose from. It may be difficult to create a dashboard for your web application. The pre-built AngularJS Dashboard Template provided by Angular, on the other hand, make life much easier for developers.

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