Anime is the advanced version of cartoons for kids. Previously, only children would enjoy animated cartoons; however, with many games introducing animated characteristics, anilinkz website became popular among adults. Keeping the new trend under consideration, many websites started streaming anime shows online, and Anilinkz is one of these websites where you can anilinks online via 

online streaming Here you can get to enjoy a fantastic collection of movies, cartoons, and series, and everything is free. Moreover, it also incorporates HD quality to make it pleasing to the eyes.  However, anilinkz website is not the only one. Though it is the most famous one, other websites are Anilinkz Alternatives and provide content like Anilinkz. So, if you are confused about which ones to opt for, don’t worry, as we have done the work for you. Here we present the best 19 Anime Streaming Sites Like Anilinkz Alternatives. 

Anilinkz Alternatives – 20 Free Anime Streaming Websites In 2021

following are the free Anilinkz Alternatives websites where you can easily watch your favorite  shows on anilinkz website shows.

1. 9Anime

Anilinkz Alternatives

9Anime is one of the best Similar to Anilinks. Be it classic hits or shows, 9Anime has it all. The website has a splendid resolution of 1080, and the interface is pretty simple. Moreover, it offers subbed as well as dubbed content.

2. Anime-Planet


Anime-Planet is another site that is like anilinks. The website has to offer about 45000 videos. The website is free to use and requires an ID confirmation. Moreover, the website makes it easier for you to continue from where you left off before. Overall, it also falls under the recommended category of Anilinkz Alternatives.

3. KissAnime

Anilinkz Alternatives

One of the first Anilinkz Alternatives that we have on the list is KissAnime. The website anilinks is famous for streaming high-end animated series and cartoons. Mostly, Japanese and Korean Anime are favorites, and the website has both of them. The videos can be downloaded, and it offers English dubbed versions and movies dubbed in other languages.  The only setback is the annoying ads popping up now and then.

4. Crunchyroll

Anilinkz Alternatives

The second last option on best Anilinkz Alternatives is Crunchyroll. The site works as a better alternative to anilinkz website. It has a possible video quality from 480P to 1080P. In addition, the website offers convenience by presenting names on the thumbnails. It has new shows, cartoons, and the most popular Korean dramas.

5. Anime Land

Anime Land
Anime Land

Anime land is another alternative you can always rely on kissanime down. You can view this as the best site for all the anime shows. Compared to the other anilinkz website, this site allows you to download your favorite anime episodes and watch them

6. GoGoanime


GoGoanime is likewise a similar website to anilinkz website or a look-alike. On the off chance that you feel like that, none of the kissanime mirrors or the other alternative is working for you, then all you need is the GoGoanime.

7. Anime Karma


For every individual who feels like all the kissanime’s alternatives have stopped working, you should check the Anime Karma anime anilinkz website streaming site. Anime Karma is the best when you want to stream the top IMDB anime and shows.

8. AnimeXD


AnimeXD is viewed as a fantastic alternative to the compared to all the other Kissanime options that are available. This site is a lawful streaming site, and it provides you with the option to get access to many anilinkz website series and stream them with no issues at all.

9. Narutoget


Narutoget is the world’s largest and leading internet broadcasting anilinkz website for Naruto lovers. You get all the latest episodes of the series with a distinct difference between filler and canon content.

10. Anime Tosho

anime tosho

Anime Tosho is a decent anilinkz website. You get all the recently uploaded content on the homepage. Other than that, you can use the search bar to find your favorite anime.

11. Chia-Anime

chia anime
chia anime

Is Animelinkz not working in your area? Don’t stress over it. You can still enjoy your favorite anime in Chia-Anime. Chia-Anime is regarded as a genuine Anilinkz solution for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the platform is available for free. You do not have to pay any subscription fee to access all the content. Second, the platform gives access to tons of anime options as anime movies, shows, and videos.

12. Animeultima

anime ultima
anime ultima

Animeultima is a top online platform for watching the latest anime. It’s a free online site that is genuinely for anime enthusiasts. It’s easy and straightforward to navigate and offers any type of anime-related items such as anime shows, films, episodes, etc.

13. HorribleSubs


Horriblesubs is another alternative for Anilinkz. You get several options for anime shows on the platform. All the options are free to download.

On the site, you get different links to download shows with the different video quality. So, depending on your internet speed and storage space, you can choose the link to download your favorite content.

There is no need to create an account before accessing all the links. You can go to the website and start searching for your favorite content.

14. My Anime List


Being an Anime fan, users have to watch MyAnimeList! The Anime Collection of the platform is pretty big, and you will require hours to watch everything. You will get the latest collection of anime shows on the website.

The layout of the platform is truly attractive. Exploring and enjoying just about any Anime series at the MyAnimeList is nothing more than child’s play.

You get predefined lists like Winter2021, Spring 2021, etc., to explore and screen the content. Also, there are tons of filters to refine your search on the website.

15.  Masterani 


Masterani is one of the largest online sites to watch anime. Masterani has around 2,500 latest and quality anime things that users could access anywhere in the world.

It consists of an advanced interface that is easy to navigate and understand. You can search for your favorite anime series in no time. You get all the recently added content on the homepage of the site. With that, you get the popular picks that are currently trending.

16. Animeheaven

anime heaven

As the name of the site, the Animeheaven is a true paradise for anime fans. The website has a distinctive interface from all other anime websites.

You could even watch on-site, dubbed Animes, Anime series, Anime movies, etc. All storylines are mentioned quite well for every show. No need to register or create an account on the site; just connect your device with the internet and enjoy your favorite anime.

17. RyuAnime


RyuAnime is another excellent alternative to Anilinkz. You get all the trending episodes on the home page with thumbnails of new releases and popular picks.

You can find the specific title by using the search bar on the platform. Other than that, there is a different tab for anime shows.

You can access all the content for free without any log-in process. However, if you want to join the community of the platform, then you have to register yourself.

The site is mobile-friendly, so you can watch all your favorite shows on your smartphone whenever you want.

18.  Animefreak. TV 

anime freak

Animal freak TV is a website that offers subbed and dubbed anime online for free. On the website, you could view the best anime series of all time.

Due to its user-friendly interface, the website is one of the best platforms to enjoy anime. You can change the view of the shows from thumbnails to list and details. This allows you to customize the look of the homepage according to your preference.

19. Netflix


Netflix is one of the most famous American Media services providers, and production companies the location is in California, the online video series site Netflix is founded in 1979 by Reed Hastings.

The main business of the NetFlix services are subscription-based streaming, this one of the popular online best anime streaming sites, vast collection of movies, TV Series, and anime videos series with multiple languages, like English, etc. worldwide millions of subscribers are there to watch movies online but this not free you need to register and pay for premium features, this site offers 30 days free trial. Available countries are Worldwide, except Mainland China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Crimea.

20 . Hulu


Hulu is a US-based, most popular on-demand online video streaming Platform, Hulu Majority owned by The Walt Disney Company. Hulu’s website is one of the best alternatives, like anilinkz.

Final verdict

Here are the top alternatives to the Anilinkz platform. All the options are working and ready to serve tonnes of anime shows and movies.

Anilinkz was a great website, but tonnes of pop-up ads disrupt the viewing experience. On top of that, the site goes down frequently. So, it is high time to look for a good alternative for the platform.

Go through the list and find the appropriate alternative to enjoy your favorite content.